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Choosing the Correct Auto-Doser

Automating a grow room offers many advantages to a cannabis grower. Lighting and ventilation systems can be automated using atmospheric controllers; keeping photoperiods, humidity and temperature all in check. Serious cannabis cultivators are taking automation to the next level by implementing auto-dosing systems which regulate the nutrient concentration and pH […]


Pathogen Control for Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Plants

There isn’t much that is more disheartening than a pathogen attack on a flourishing marijuana garden. All cannabis cultivators will eventually encounter a pathogen in his or her garden. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses are all pathogens that can utterly damage a marijuana garden if left unchecked. Although fungi are the […]


New Publications Add to NUGL’s Expanding Media Portfolio

 NUGL Inc. (OTC Pink: NUGL) (the “Company”), the cannabis industry’s new standard of technology, is pleased to announce that it has finalized an all-stock agreement to acquire Nichols Publishing. The deal adds “Professional Marijuana Grower” and “Garden and Greenhouse” to NUGL’s expanding media footprint. Nichols Publishing will become NUGL Media Group […]


Never Growing Up – Why Growers Stay Underground

Expanded legalization efforts have made it possible to make a living growing cannabis for profit — provided, that is, that you obtain a license to grow professionally, which subjects you state regulations and can potentially set you back quite a bit of money.  This is a sticking point for some […]