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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Canada



Written by: Ryan Tomlinson

The process for applying for and receiving a license for medical hemp products in Canada is very streamlined and straightforward. As the emerging market for CBD continues to expand at an explosive rate, medical cannabis prescriptions are growing at an equal pace. This leaves many people who may not be familiar with the process, as well as those who have been subject to the misinformation, which is very common surrounding this subject, wondering what exactly the correct steps are to obtain one.

The first thing a potential applicant must do is acquire a copy of their medical records from their current physician. This is a simple process that shouldn’t take much time or effort at all. There should be no hoops to jump through or massive amounts of paperwork to fill out. This is your medical history and you are entitled to it by law, whenever you decide it’s appropriate. It is also not required that you discuss the reasoning behind the request with your doctor unless you choose to. Simply follow the protocol at your doctor’s office or clinic, which will probably be submitting a formal application and possibly signing a waiver stating that they are not responsible should your records be lost or stolen. 

After that is completed, you should receive a copy of your file.
Once that is complete, the next step is to set up an appointment with a health facility that offers treatments for patients with a medical cannabis prescription. The best option is to deal with one of the specialty centers which work exclusively with this method of therapy as they offer the entire spectrum of services, including actually helping you acquire your license. How it works is that you will first make an appointment for your initial consultation. And one of the most incredible perks about these specialty clinics is the fact that some of them offer a “virtual house call” where you can meet with the doctor via an online webchat. From there, the doctor will go over your medical history with you and discuss your current health condition. If it is decided that you are the right candidate for cannabis treatment, the helpful staff will then assist you with filling out the proper paperwork, gathering up the necessary documentation, and sending it off for approval. The process couldn’t be more straightforward.

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