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What We Need to Know about Fresh Frozen Marijuana



Most people reading this article has consumed frozen food at some point in time. The food served in restaurants were also frozen before it came to you. Frozen food is considered to be pretty convenient, mainly because it allows you to cook many large batches of food and preserve for weeks, and sometimes months.

The technique has also been discovered by the cannabis industry, leading to fresh frozen marijuana. There are many home growers who are quite interests in freezing their week. In theory, frosted buds are known to retain the maximum amount of its quality. On the other hand, the commercial growing sector uses this technology for creating high THC resin that comes with beautiful aromas.

Harvest Preservation

Medical marijuana is legal in many individual states, but it isn’t legal federally. Therefore, the rules and regulations seem to be a little vague. When it comes to the supply and demand situation all over the country, there is a visible difference between the two. It is because of the number of dispensaries that are allowed to run.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Illinois in June 2019. However, there are less than 200 dispensaries in the state. It means that one dispensary has to cater to 67,000 residents. It’s the same for other states as well with much higher population ratio. When it comes to Oregon, the ratio is most likely ten times higher.

Weed growers have been cultivating the herb to an extent where it is outstripping the demand significantly. Firms in California are facing the same kind of issues. If they are not able to sell their supply, there is an urgent need to store it for long-term use. When the herb is dried and properly cured, it could end up lasting for 18 months when stored in a cool and dry place far away from sunlight.

Some growers are using another method to store weed. It also helps companies to produce high-THC resin and rosin. Fresh frozen marijuana is known for keeping the harvests safe while providing premium-quality herb. Because of this reason, growers in California are freezing entire harvests to reap its benefits.

In order to obtain fresh frozen marijuana, you are going to need a huge amount of dry ice and a few industrial freezers. Cultivation companies believe that fresh frozen marijuana helps in saving money and time with low risk. Hence, they have let go of the post-harvest process that used to be extremely essential earlier in order to try out this new method of storing weed.

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The Process

As mentioned earlier, the process would involve freezing cannabis cryogenically. Immediately after the harvest, the herb is frozen to ensure that the terpenes are completely preserved. Before the harvest is frozen, it has to be dried and cured before.

Fresh frozen marijuana is also referred to as a hashish product that is developed from frozen bud and trim.

If you have ever tried growing or harvesting cannabis, you will be aware of the traditional process. When most pistils change colour, or the trichomes appear to white with mushroom-like heads you should cut the week the way it is, because it will help in peaking THC levels. The next step would require drying the buds for many days and curing them in mason jars. The process might take a few months to result in the best tasting and smelling herb ultimately.

Drying and curing of marijuana can be a tricky process. You have to be extremely careful about the humidity and temperature of the storage rooms. If there is a failure to monitor the environmental conditions, it could result in mouldy or excessively dry marijuana. It can be infuriating to lose your buds to mould. Hence, freezing them seems like a far better option.

The freezing method is relatively easier. You will not have to go through the time-consuming process of drying and curing, as in the traditional method. Farmers are supposed to cut their plants down, remove the leaves, branches, and stems, while the rest is vacuum-sealed. Each bag could end up preserving several pounds of the herb.

In the next step, the bags have to be kept in a huge freezer at -38 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature is that low, the plant’s terpenes, flavours, and cannabinoids remain locked in, even the water.

However, speed is essential in this process. The buds shouldn’t be kept outside for more than 60 minutes. If they remain exposed to the environment for more than two hours, the herb will start losing monoterpenes. Within four hours, the plant will start losing specific terpenes. When this starts happening, you can say goodbye to the real taste of live resin.

The ultimate goal would be to form live resin, which would be followed by the grinding of the frozen buds to the point where it appears like a fine powder. After the process is done, the company would place the ground herb inside a machine and use butane has oil (BHO) extraction with the help of a closed-loop process. It will extract all the terpenes and cannabinoids, which includes THC and CBD.

The extract looks like a golden-brown liquid, which is heated to remove the solvent. Finally, live resin is sold to users who want to experience the potency guaranteed in concentrates.

Closing Thoughts

Fresh frozen marijuana is becoming increasingly popular among farmers because of the many benefits it has to offer. However, you should try the process at home to create live resin because it can be dangerous for amateurs.

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