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With all the hype surrounding CBD and skincare, we thought we would test some products out and give you the low down on some of the brands we are loving at the moment. Hemp, CBD, and THC are some of the “star ingredients” you will see when you are browsing serums, creams, and special elixirs. What do those do for you, though? Do they really work? What’s the difference between and hemp oil and a CBD oil?

We’ve narrowed it down for you, so that next time you are browsing the CBD product section, it will be easier to determine the best one for you and your lifestyle.

It’s essential to know the difference between Hemp and CBD. Although these ingredients come from the same plant and are both beneficial, they are a bit different when applied topically.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant and is moisturizing and can be anti-inflammatory. Typically, hemp seed oil is less expensive than cannabis oil because it’s a lot easier to produce. If you are unsure about a product, look on the ingredient list. Hemp seed oil will say “hemp oil, hemp seed oil, or cannabis seed oil.” Hemp oil is used in cooking, salad dressings, and is also found in skincare products. It is rich in fatty acids and proteins, so topically, it would be great for smoothing the skin and adding some extra glow.

CBD oil uses the whole plant, not just the seeds. On the ingredient label, you will find terms like “full spectrum or whole plant extract,” you will also see the dosage (in milligrams) that is in that particular product. While companies don’t legally need to put the dosage on the label, a lot of them do as a selling point; it also makes it easier to spot the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. CBD oil is packed with antioxidants. Why is this important?  Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals come from pollution, stress, diet, and so many other outside aggressors. They are the pesky little suckers that make you age by causing dehydration, wrinkling and sagging. The only way to eliminate free radicals inside the body is with antioxidants (which CBD oil has). CBD oil also reduces inflammation in the skin. Inflammation in the skin looks like acne, eczema, rosacea, or any other skin instance of redness or sensitivity.

While the studies on CBD used in skincare are fairly new, the reviews from shoppers have been nothing but praise. Here are some of the ones we have tried and our honest thoughts about them:

Kiskanu – Hemp CBD Face oil and Intimacy Oil.

I loved this oil right when I put it on my face and had the most amazing glow. Now, I know you’re thinking, “of course you had a glow, you just put oil on your face”, but the “glow” that came from this oil was very light, which is not usually typical for an oil. I loved that this oil wasn’t as dense as others because I could use it during the day or in the summer. Kiskanu is a woman-owned brand that only uses virgin, cold-pressed oils in their topical products, which basically means the ingredients are top-notch. Kiskanu is also known for their incredible intimacy oil! The intimacy oil is a plant-derived lubricant that creates a tingly sensation to increase pleasure in (or out) of the bedroom. I also love the intimacy oil to keep ingrown hairs at bay. At such a great price point, these oils are ones I will always have on hand.

Mineral – Maison Recovery Balm

Ok, first of all, I’m obsessed with Mineral. Their minimalist branding acts like decor pieces on my nightstand, and their products are pure luxury. They recently came out with a broader range of skincare and topical products that I’m dying to try, but that’s a different story. I tried and have been using their Maison recovery balm for a little less than a year, and I love it, it has become part of my nighttime ritual. Maison was created to ease stressed or sore muscles, but I love using it every night to relax and get myself ready for sleep. It has 300mg of CBD hemp extract and has notes of mint, sandalwood, and sage. To use, you melt a tiny bit in your hands and massage stressed areas of your body (for me, its usually my neck and shoulders). The linalool and limonene terpenes create an earthy scent, and the mint is such an added treat. Although Maison was made for easing tension and soreness in the body, I have found it can be used for a multitude of other things as well.

Vertly- Lip Balm

This is a very simple product that packs a punch. Lip balms are a dime a dozen, but finding a good one is hard to find. For me, lately, the concern has been ingredients. Because lip products sit on your mouth, you ingest whatever ingredients are in that product throughout the day. So many lip products have the most toxic ingredients and are typically the one product that you apply multiple times. In comes Vertly with their CBD lip balm. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, this lip balm has 25mg of CBD and is infused with peppermint oil for a slight tingly and minty sensation. I loved this lip balm because the scent was amazing, and it wasn’t super sticky. It was very light on the lips and didn’t get everywhere, which was huge for me. I loved putting it on throughout the day, before I went to bed, and loved using it to give my cuticles a little bit of love in the dry desert heat. I also loved the fact that anyone can use this lip balm for pretty much anything. I brought this balm on a family vacation, and everyone used it- women, men, and toddlers all loved it.

I have been obsessed with every product that Saint Jane has released. With only four products (so far), Saint Jane puts focus on luxury and quality. Their black and gold packaging is iconic and so beautiful to look at, but what’s inside is even better. The Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum is made with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, 28 omega-rich botanicals, and fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin to keep it feeling (and looking) smooth and hydrated. I love using this oil right when I get out of the shower on semi-damp skin. My skin has never been so soft, and I look forward to this luxurious ritual every time I shower.

Saint Jane- Luxury Body Serum

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