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3 Ways Outsourcing IT Can Save Your Cannabis Business Money



Running any company, especially during the uncertain times of COVID-19, can be challenging, but hiring the right IT Partner can relieve some of your stress. Josh Weiss from LA Creative Technologies gave us some tips on how to save money and keep your business technology problem-free.

1. Lower Your Risk

The Cannabis industry is continuing to expanding even with the economic impacts of COVID-19. Going hand in hand with industry growth is typical, industry regulation. These government regulations are often complex and require adherence that can cause severe liabilities if not adhered to and significantly affect your business financially. Mitigate these risks by outsourcing your IT to a partner that is knowledgable of industry regulations and can ensure your business is adhering to them at all times.

2. Ensure Your Business is Secure

Your business’s data is essential; whether it’s customers’ contact information, vendor rates, product recipes, or employee information, you need to ensure the report doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Cyberattacks can cause loss of data, system malfunctions, malicious spyware infections, which can all ruin the reputation of your business.

3. Technical Issues

Dealing with malfunctioning computer systems can cause loss of business and loss of sales. Having the right IP Partner can ensure that all of your systems are running as they should, all updates are current, and provide you any up-to-date IT solutions that your business might need to continue to grow.

Whether your cannabis business has been operating for years, just started or you’re thinking about starting a new business, consider outsourcing your IT support and hiring an IT Partner. The right IT partner will ensure your IT infrastructure is designed to support your business needs, predict, prevent, and respond to any problems that arise, allowing you to continue building your business and servicing your customers. Josh’s company LA Creative Technologies provides its customers with full service IT that is customized to the needs of the business.

For more information about Josh Weiss and LA Creative Technologies, visit their website at

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