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7 Destinations for Cannabis Tourism

If you’re like us, Covid-19 quarantine and the pandemic state of our communities has got us dreaming of a vacation to escape.



Cannabis lovers are real roadies as they are always up for adventures. They look for cannabis-friendly places so that they can chill and have a good time. With the legalization of cannabis in many countries, more and more cannabis lovers are starting to travel to those countries. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge about your preferred weed destination will help you expand your horizons and have a memorable trip. Every weed-friendly country has specific laws, and it becomes imperative for you to know those laws so that you do not land up into some trouble. 

Traveling to a cannabis-friendly country can be quite risky as you need to learn about the rules; therefore, you should be responsible and adequately conduct yourself during the trip. You have to be careful of the environment, respect the culture of the communities of the place, and respect the law. Out of the plethora of cannabis-friendly destinations, below is a list of seven places that you need to visit for your next holiday to get a tremendous high. These places have a lot in store for cannabis lovers and will make your trip adventurous and fun!

1. AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: The Netherlands is renowned for its beautiful canals and coffee shops, but it is also famous among cannabis-lovers for its high-quality marijuana. Amsterdam is the most visited region in the Netherlands. It is for its famous “coffee shops” where they buy different flavors of cannabis. The visitors can light up the marijuana inside the coffee shops and enjoy the high there and then. However, there is a bar at the amount of weed that you can carry around with you. Amsterdam is also perfect for long tours and road trips, so if you are planning to stay for a while there, we suggest you get a single cab roof rack for carrying your luggage when you hit the road.

 If you walk around the city with more than 5 grams of weed, you have chances of landing into great trouble. You can travel around in boats in Giethoorn after enjoying the most high-quality marijuana. See the beauty of the beautiful tulips at the world’s most extensive tulip gardens situated in Keukenhof also explore a large number of museums in the city of Amsterdam itself.

2. THE ALGARVE, PORTUGAL: Portugal is currently becoming the new trending destination in Europe for cannabis lovers. Having decriminalized drugs from the last two decades, you can enjoy the exotic destination of Algarve with a little extra fun. Being the southernmost region, Algarve is famous for its fascinating beaches where the golden sand touches the crystal clear blue waters. You can relax under the green pines and enjoy your favorite flavor of marijuana to soothe your mind. You can also enjoy various outdoor activities in the warm and peaceful waters of the beaches of Algarve. If you want to visit more beaches near Algarve, you can visit the beaches in Aljezur, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, etc. While some beaches are perfect for romance, the others are perfect for swimming. You should visit Algarve for a unique experience in a warm and tropical climate if you are planning a beach trip to a cannabis-friendly destination.

3. COLORADO, THE USA: Often referred to as the paradise for marijuana lovers, Colorado is the most visited place in the USA for Cannabis. Colorado also attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful mountains and picturesque views. While you can not smoke in the stores of Colorado, you have permission to smoke up inside lounges created especially for smoking up marijuana. You will find many lounges on the streets and in different cafes so that the other people do not get uncomfortable with the smell of marijuana. You should visit the city of Denver if you want to visit the best nightfall shops for cannabis. The tourism of marijuana is fascinating inside for cannabis lovers as there are many fun activities that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of lakes around Colorado, where you can enjoy your marijuana in your tents with the other hippies.

4. URUGUAY: Apart from being famous for its gorgeous beaches, stunning villages, and fantastic wildlife, Uruguay is also renowned for cannabis. You can enjoy your high alongside exploring some of the beautiful and majestic animals like seals, whales, sea lions, and penguins. Uruguay is the only country that permits you to smoke marijuana anywhere on the streets or the road. You also get to visit beautiful towns like Colonia del Sacramento and Punta del Este, where you can meet new people and relax at the spectacular beach resorts. If you are a seafood lover, then you need to visit the town of Punta de Esta for some delicious seafood with Medio y Medio, the most famous sparkling wine of the region, and also the national drink of the country. If you want to shop while you are high, then you should visit Montevideo.

5. JAMAICA: The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the word “Jamaica” is Bob Marley because of the weed culture of Jamaica promoted in his songs. Jamaica houses some of the largest communities of cannabis lovers worldwide and is every stoner’s dream destination. There are luxury villas there too (look at this), for those who want to go there and relax in style. After the government’s decriminalization in 2015, you can carry around 56 grams of marijuana while traveling around the country. While there are no proper stores where you can purchase marijuana, you can buy it from the Rastafarians, who sell high-quality marijuana near the shores.

6. VANCOUVER, CANADA: Canada is very popular amongst weed lovers because of its complete decriminalization of recreational marijuana in all parts of the country. People also refer to Vancouver as Vansterdam as its marijuana is as good as that of Amsterdam. After the decriminalization, various lounges opened in Vancouver, where you can smoke pot and enjoy the beautiful views of Vancouver. You can also visit a lot of cafes that are made just for Marijuana lovers. You should purchase marijuana from licensed retailers as they will sell the best quality marijuana in the country. You will also get to meet a lot of hippies from all parts of the world in Vancouver.

7. BARCELONA, SPAIN: No cannabis lover would want to miss out on a thing called “Cannabis Club.” If you’re going to experience the unusual cannabis clubs, you should book your ticket to Barcelona. A trip to Barcelona would not cost you much as the cost of living is meager in Barcelona. You can sign up in these cannabis clubs and donate money to people and get some high-quality cannabis in return for your donations. However, you should respect the dignity of the clubs and follow the rules so that you do not land up in any trouble. You also need two weeks to get a membership activation card to purchase marijuana in Barcelona. Therefore you should plan your trip accordingly. 

Many places in the world do not punish you for consuming weed as these places have decriminalized marijuana. You need to be careful about the rules and follow them as they are so that you have fun throughout your trip. These seven places are on top of every cannabis lover’s list because of the fantastic facilities they have for them. If you want to plan a trip to a beautiful destination, which is also a cannabis-friendly place, you should go through this list to have the best high of your life.

About the Author: Rebecca has been carefully studying the travel industry trends for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she is interested in penning down her views, providing quality insight on current travel trends, and writing about cannabis, food and beverages, particularly wine.

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