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A Closer Look at Smokable Hemp



Photo by ERTH HEMP

CBD is growing rapidly in popularity, and the market is expected to reach $5 billion over the coming months. It appeals to people who are interested in health and fitness, those who are interested in the marijuana scene but who don’t want the psychoactive effect of THC, and those who are looking for pain relief, better sleep, and other similar benefits. There are many reasons someone might want to explore CBD. Before we start discussing the benefits of smokable hemp, it’s important to understand the differences between hemp and marijuana.

Smokable Hemp Explained

Smokable hemp is the flower bud of a hemp plant that has been cultivated with the intent of the crop being smoked. It contains CBD as one of many active ingredients. CBD is ‘cannabidiol’, one of many cannabinoids. CBD can be extracted from any form of the hemp plant, but smokable hemp contains more CBD than other varieties.

Photo by ERTH HEMP

There are other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBC, THC, and CBG, that are also found in smokable hemp and cannabis. Cannabis is rich in THC, where hemp contains zero or close to zero THC. The other cannabinoids are found in varying percentages in varying strains, and it’s unclear what impact they have on the body. There are so many cannabinoids, and the way they interact with the bloodstream is so confusing that it can be difficult to tell which cannabinoids offer specific benefits.

CBD is thought to be the most beneficial of all the cannabinoids. It is also pleasant to smoke. If you are lucky enough to get access to high-quality hemp, you will likely find that it has an enjoyable taste, is relaxing, and doesn’t make you feel high. 

When you smoke hemp, you should feel the impact of the CBD quickly. Inhaling the compounds means that they get dissolved into the bloodstream, and that is faster than taking CBD orally. You should make sure that if you smoke hemp, you choose high-quality hemp, which can be bought online from sites like Organic CBD Nugs.

Fast Acting

Smoking hemp allows the plants to reach your bloodstream very quickly so that it will have an impact almost immediately. Many people who are struggling with anxiety find that if they smoke hemp, they feel more relaxed almost immediately. It can also help with specific aches and pains.

CBD does not make you feel high. It can also have a relaxing effect that makes it an excellent alternative to tobacco, with all of the health risks associated with smoking nicotine. Indeed, the balance of CBD and THC in marijuana can have an impact on the type of high that you experience. Some people who have aches and pains mix CBD into their food to get the benefit of a high dose spread out over the course of the day. CBD edibles are very popular and convenient.

If you are considering trying smokable hemp, make sure that you buy high-quality strains. Low-cost hemp may seem appealing, but the experience will not be good.

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Smokable Hemp

Perhaps the most common misconception about hemp is that smoking hemp makes you high. This is not the case. Hemp has a THC content of 0.3% at most, with many strains having even less than that. THC is the compound that makes people high when they smoke cannabis. There is not enough THC in hemp for there to be any impact.

Related to the issue of THC content is the misconception about legality. The farm bill has made smokable hemp legal in most states. If you have concerns, check the rules in your state to make sure there aren’t local regulations about hemp.

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