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Are You Embarrassed By Your Vaping Skills? Here’s What To Do



The clouds of vapor emitted by a vaping pen are like none other. This dramatic vapor makes you feel like your head is in the clouds — literally. 

Although vaping is known for this kind of drama, vapers who are just starting may soon realize that these impressive clouds are trickier to create than they initially thought. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to impress people with your vaping skills. All you need is some practice and the right tools. 

Start by investing in a high-quality pen

Your first bet to acquire impressive vaping skills should be on the vaping pen. You will easily find a wide range of cheap vaping pens on the market. Although they may be useful to practice, cheap vaping pens usually don’t last very long.

Instead of going for the lowest price, find pens that are known for their durability. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a significant amount of money on a pen. Thanks to there being so much competition in the market, you can find high-quality vaping pens that are not highly expensive.

If you do want to create those attention-grabbing clouds, then opt for a vape mod. Unlike pens, vape mods will produce thicker and more dramatic clouds.

Choose the right e-juice

The list of e-liquids available in the market is endless. You will find every kind of flavor you can think of from, pizza to cheesecake, popular candy, and fruit. The taste of the e-juice will not affect how big the clouds are but the quality of the liquid will.

It is essential to invest in high-quality e-juices if you want to impress people with your vaping skills. You can easily find a trusted vape juice online, which offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Low-quality liquids will not produce those thick clouds most people are looking for. 

Moreover, cheap e-liquids are usually filled with harmful chemicals and additives that do nothing for your health. The taste will not be as pronounced as you may hope for, and your vaping pen may get clogged more quickly.

Get the right PG/VG ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the instigators of the great vaping cloud. These two are found in e-juices mixed with other ingredients, including water, flavor, and nicotine. The ratio of PG to VG will determine how thick and dramatic the clouds are.

If you are looking to grab the attention of those around you by creating thick clouds, choose e-liquids with a higher VG ratio. Once you start browsing through e-juices, you will learn that while most have a balanced ratio, some are VG or PG based only.

Master the right temperature

A high temperature is needed to create those thick clouds. You can get a high temperature by mastering your voltage settings. The right temperature depends on the pen you are using, as well as the e-juice.

The best way to determine the right temperature is to start low and increase until the setting produces the desired clouds. A high temperature will burn the e-juice more quickly, but it will create more clouds. 

Keep it clean

Besides the hygiene, you should regularly clean your vaping pen so you can practice your vaping tricks. A clogged pen will affect the airflow and lead to weaker-looking clouds. The best way to ensure your vaping pen is clean is by disassembling it. 

You can place the vape tank in a bowl of warm water and wash thoroughly. Alcohol is also helpful to deep clean the tank from any remaining e-juice.

Practice new tricks

Once you have an efficient device and are creating thick clouds, it is time to have a little fun. The Ghost Hit is one of the most popular tricks out there. You start by taking a long pull of vapor, but instead of inhaling it, keep it in your mouth.

After a few seconds, push the vapor out, but as soon as it’s out, suck it back in. It will look like you have exhaled, then inhaled a ghost. The Dragon is another famous trick to try. This one will have you emitting vapor from all sides of your mouth, just as a dragon would do.

You do this by taking a long pull without inhaling it. The longer the pull is, the better the result will be. After a few seconds, push the vapor out through your nose and the corners of your mouth. This trick might take you a minute to master. 

The last trick deserves an audience. Known as the Liquid Mist, you will need to order yourself a drink to do this one. Get any cold beverage that you like. When the glass is half-empty, take a long pull without inhaling. Place your lips next to the rim of the glass and slowly push the vapor out. Your drink will look like it has turned into a potion. 

With the tips mentioned above, you can quickly master your vaping skills and have fantastic vaping sessions.

Rebecca is a cannabis and health industry consultant who frequently writes about the latest trends in the industry with only one motive that is to create awareness about healthy living. She has been writing for a long time now and is becoming a recognized name in the cannabis industry.

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