Ask Julie: Coronavirus

    Dear Julie,

    I know this coronavirus is on everyone’s mind and I’m hoping you can help me. I am a 50+ male with a wife and 2 kids.  We both work yet my income is the primary source in our family.  I am in residential real estate and there is a great deal of financial uncertainty and fear of this invisible virus.   I am full of anxiety and the stress is taking a toll.  How do I instill confidence in myself and my family that all will be well? 

    Signed Viral Overwhelm 

    Dear Viral Overwhelm,

    I am glad you reached out as this gives me an opportunity to address these concerns for many.  

    First and foremost, do what you can to calm your fears.  I know this is a scary time so while calming your fears may not be easy, it is doable and vital.  Fear creates more fear and contributes to the collective consciousness of fear.  The more we can transmute our own fear, the better for all.  

    How?  Set your phone to go off every 2 hours to take 20 deep breaths.  Journal your fears and worries.  Talk to your mate about your deepest concerns.  Keep a notebook near your bed to write your thoughts when your monkey mind keeps you awake.  Start a mediation practice.  Write out various possible scenarios and solutions for each to put you at ease. Action is the anecdote to fear so take action as and where you can.  Listen to binaural beats to calm you.  Be sure to exercise as you can in these limited conditions.  Drink lots of water.  

    Part of the bigger picture of this is to reconnect to your Self.  We are such an external society and we have lost our connection to our essence. Use this time to do that however it looks.  Discover a new passion or hobby. Deepen your relationships with meaningful conversations.  Read that book you always wanted to read. Learn something new, maybe take an online course.  Introspect and determine whether or not you are in a career that suits you and research other possibilities.  Connect to your Soul, your Spirit, your angels and guides, your higher power.  Practice trust.  

    This is a global reset if you will. Find the gifts in this shutdown for there are many.  At the end of this crisis, I believe we will have more compassion, patience and tolerance.  Our priorities will change and we will have a deeper sense of what really matters.  We will be more generous, have a strong sense of community and will have the courage to remove ourselves from situations that no longer serve us.   Our lives will not be the same and that is a good thing.  If nothing else, this time has taught us that nothing is guaranteed, life is full of uncertainty and all we know is what we know right NOW.  We are getting a crash course in living in the moment. A new world is being birthed. It is not comfortable but it is magnificent.  Stay well my friend and I’m sending big love and peace to you and your family.  You got this. WE got this.


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