Ellcee Love

    Editor in chief

    My name is Ellcee Love, and I'm the founder and CEO of Regeneration CBD as well as Heal Our Earth Campaign, and most recently, co-creator of "Wellness With Love" at NUGL. I've been gifted many titles in the healing space, though more simply, I'm a woman who is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge to help others live their most joyful life. I have been deeply involved in the Burning Man community for the past 7 years. Growing and sharing conscious community values with love is very important to me, as is helping our planet. In addition, I advocate and publicly speak on the importance of healing our earth, our only home, as often as I can. I understand the power and need for self love, and of having a space where you feel connected to others, because united is how we thrive! I would like to Kiss: Keep It Simple Sweetheart, and grow with all of you!

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