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(CalyFx) Dennis D’Alessio – NUGL TV S2E6



CalyFx founder, Dennis D’Alessio, has a passionate interest in the medical potential of the healing properties of cannabis-derived treatments. Dennis lost his epileptic and autistic brother, Bill, at the age of 32 ultimately to a grand mal seizure. The treatments available at the time to abate Bill’s symptoms were not only expensive but, had severe side effects including organ failure which took a toll on his body and quality of life.

Since Bill’s passing, Dennis and his team created CalyFx to challenge the worlds’ leading PhDs, researchers, and experts to create life-enhancing products. Today, CalyFx has created a custom line of award-winning full and broad-spectrum hemp-based formulations to help provide assistance for certain markets around the world.

The all-natural strains contain CBD CBG and CBN and are available in Vapes, Tinctures, Topicals, Sprays, and Beverages, in 8 different effects: Focus, Chill, Sleep, Shape, Sex, Relief, Social, and Endurance.

CalyFx only uses FDA-registered and 100% pure hemp extract that is always CO2 extracted in ISO-certified labs. It is only blended with 100% plant-based terpenes and other natural nutrients to create the world’s best super strains. CalyFx has discovered that when certain combinations of terpenes, in precise amounts, along with other natural plant elements are added to full spectrum Hemp oil, true magic happens.

For more information about CalyFx please visit their website at or follow them on Instagram at @CalyFxUS or @CalyFxUK

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