Cannabis and Consciousness

    “About half of the pleasure comes from the observer-part appreciating the work of the creator part”- Carl Sagan

    Nirvana, a transcendent state of bliss, far beyond the physical human experience. To undergo such a supernatural state of being is to allow the Coherent Brainwaves of the spirit to speak surpassing the analytical mind.

    As the evolution of mankind continues, we are at the greatest understanding of conscious perception, the awareness by the mind of itself and of the world as an entity. Two separate pieces that make up our lives as we know them.

    You may be asking “What does any of this have to do with cannabis?”, well…, I’m glad that you subconsciously asked.

    The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound found in the cannabis plant is the main psychoactive ingredient that stimulates the Amygdala (the region of the human brain that responds to pleasure). As the THC molecules attach to our cannabinoid receptors, this process activates our brain’s reward system, which unleashes elevated levels of dopamine that provide us with an induced state of euphoria.

    Within moments of consuming THC, one might begin to drift into a spirit of pleasurable ecstasy followed by intensified senses of relaxation and happiness; increased clarity of subconscious perception; and a meditative state of awareness.

    During the meditative state (which our mind operates in during consumption of THC), we are tapped into a brain frequency of Theta waves, which reduces the flow of incoming information and allows us clarity to awaken an abstract mentality in the realm of imagination.

    Theta waves allow us to connect with our internal world which is in direct correlation with the subconscious thought. As you allow your mind to reflect on the world, as you perceive it through your flesh, you slowly transcend into a grand understanding of your spirit and then comes the awakening of who you are under the physical being of yourself.

    To be aware of your true self is to be mindful of your position in the universe. Interpreting the planet from the conscious perception enlightens us to a new philosophy of existence. Can the effects of cannabis be the key to unlocking a new mind, and a new you? This could certainly be so.

    As Canna-preneurs (who many of us, are also consumers) progress in creating the foundation for the future of cannabis, it is safe to say, that many companies are moving towards a more conscious-based business model to service not just the industry, but to be an asset to the world. We are witnessing an uprise in enterprises within the cannabis space moving towards Go-Green initiatives, Hemp materials for buildings, Hemp fibers for creating, Recycled Pod infrastructures, Zero waste factory processing and more.

     To deepen your understanding of the true services that cannabis can open us up to is far beyond our comprehension and still, it is just the beginning for the evolution of cannabis and the subconscious mind of man.

    In the fast-paced Matrix of life, cannabis is becoming the acceptable answer to a relaxed mind, body, and spirit which in return, grants us an enlightened awareness of thy self.

    To learn to simply BE is a meditative benefit gained from the consumption of the sacred cannabis plant. Such an impeccable opportunity to alleviate ourselves from what and who we are, even for a moment, provides us the gift of aspirations for heightened manifestation.


    About Dust To Diamonds Incorporated:

    In early 2016, Co-Founders Vanessa Macias and Mariah Dodson, set out on a mission to educate their community on the medicinal value and economic benefits of the newly regulated California Cannabis industry. As advocates and philanthropists with a synchronized passion for this life-saving plant, they were inspired to create a conscious-based business model to service their industry. With their friends and family’s well-being in mind, they launched Dust To Diamonds Inc.(D2D), a leading Southern California based health platform for wellness solutions and cannabinoid therapies. By 2018, the company was acknowledged for being founded by the youngest entrepreneurs in the history of cannabis legalization to be awarded cultivation and manufacturing business licensing in the State of California.

    Learn more at or visit us on social media

    Contact: Vanessa Macias          Phone: (661)874-8581      E-mail:


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