CBD Relaxation at Miracle Springs

    Written by Bri Vivanco

    Also known as Spa City, Desert Hot Springs, CA is home to natural hot and cold water mineral pools and is a hub for spa and wellness retreats. Intrigued by the natural mineral water and spa experience, I took a trip out to Miracle Springs Resort and Spa to get a tour of their 8 mineral pools and to find out why the city was dubbed “spa city”.Tucked away on a desolate desert road, about 20 minutes from downtown Palm Springs, was Miracle Hot Springs Resort. The resort is known for their 8 natural mineral pools ranging in temperature from hot to cool (the temperatures change daily, the hottest is usually around 105 degrees Fahrenheit!), a spa, ballrooms available for parties or corporate functions, a restaurant, and bar. The pools are located throughout the resort and have beautiful little gardens surrounding them, as well as a stellar view.


    Upon entering their spa area, I was greeted with a key for my locker and a long black robe so that I can cozily walk from bath, to facial, to massage, perfect attire for the ultimate spa day.My first stop was a relaxing, CBD infused, Hydrobath. The hydrobath is basically a bubble bath with a CBD bath bomb that you drop in once you get settled. The bathwater was hot and the candlelight allowed to me mellow out, decompress and get ready for my facial and massage. My skin after the hydrobath was so much softer and moisturized and was definitely an experience that anyone could replicate at home, which was awesome!After the bath, I made my way to the facial room. I was welcomed by a kind and knowledgeable esthetician named Cyndi. She told me a little bit about what the Express Facial entailed (cleanse, mask, soothing face and décolleté massage, toner and moisturizer) and let me know how she was going to incorporate CBD into the service. During the facial massage, while the mask was soaking into my skin, she mixed Mr. CBD’s 2000mg CBD oil with peppermint, lavender, and chamomile, all essential to deepen any kind of relaxation. The massage was incredible! The peppermint left my skin tingly while the CBD and chamomile completely relaxed my muscles. For the skin, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it helps ease any kind of acne, rashes, dryness, or any other problem the skin is having. The express facial is great to give you a healthy glow when you’re on the go and also great to give your skin some extra love and hydration that tends to get depleted due to the dry desert climate.


    Finishing the Spa Day was a full body CBD massage. Mr. CBD’s high potency CBD oil was infused with the massage oil in order to optimize relaxation of the muscles. Using a CBD oil while getting a massage allows the masseuse to really get in deep and release any sort of tension or build up in the body while relaxing and reducing inflammation at the same time. This means, no sore muscles the following day!The whole spa day was such a treat! Miracle Springs Resort was beyond welcoming and informative on the amazing mineral baths that the resort was built around, as well as spa treatments and products. It is definitely a great place to get away and decompress for a while and is not too far out of reach. Sometimes an easy weekend getaway is just what the body needs.


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