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CLAB Expo: Not Your Daddy’s Mixer



Dearest Cannabis Connoisseurs,

Right when we thought the world as we knew it was surely coming to an end, a man by the name of Robert Friedman has come to the rescue with a pandemic conscious, open-to-the-public, BtoB event that is sure to be the talk of the town. 

I’m talking of course about CLAB’s 5th Annual Cannabis Conference & Expo this Sat, Feb 6th 2021 at the Sacred Space in Miami FL.

Let’s back up. 

The day is November 4, 2016, and we don’t know it yet, but in only four days Floridians are about to overwhelmingly vote in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana.

Robert Friedman, alongside Florida With Care (an advocacy group for legislation in FL) has been planning tirelessly for the last 6 month to bring what would become an annual event so successful, they needed to build an association.

Enter Cannabis LAB (CLAB ie Cannabis Law Accounting & Business)

CLAB, a member operated association, is dedicated to educating, connecting, and empowering canna-savvy and canna-curious business professionals and attorneys on cannabis law.

But this, my friends, is not your daddy’s mixer. 

We all know those typical b2b networking group events: business cards, booths, kissing hands, and shaking babies (yawn).

The fact of the matter is, some of the biggest deals in history were made over a shot of whiskey. Building connections means building relationships through real conversations and experiences, and CLAB is there to provide them. Imagine with me, a membership event that allows you the opportunity to golf with one of the pillars in your industry, or go fishing with the CEO of a fortune 500 company. 

If rubbing elbows on exclusive excursions isn’t your thing, check out the borage of music, vendors, art installations, food trucks, demonstrations and live speakers for a more raw and casual meeting of the minds. CLAB has now also added Speed Investor Networking, giving you the opportunity to cut through the BS and straight to the chase. 

“Our goal is to be the leading cannabis business association for professionals throughout the United States” – Robert Friedman

Now for those of you saying to yourself “But what about COVIIIII……..” 

AHH. Stop right there. CLAB has you covered with onsite temperature checks, mandatory masks and below 50% capacity at any given time. It’s all handled. 

Tickets are only $20 bucks and open to Florida residence at the moment, so I suggest acting fast. 

For more information on how to get involved or become a member:

Check them out on the web:





Jessica, an accomplished event coordinator and marketing director with nearly 15 years of experience in her field. Specializing in promotional model and brand ambassadors street teams, event production, sponsorships and product placement, her advantage is her unique access points and connections within affluent social scenes and the entertainment industry.

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