Michael Ashworth

Michael Ashworth is getting his Master’s in Technical Communication at Northeastern University and has a BA in English from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. He’s native to San Diego and enjoys writing for the Cannabis Industry and supporting its content.

Aaron Genuth

Aaron Genuth is a New York/Los Angeles-based activist and writer focused on psychedelics and plant medicines. With a background in educating and mental health counseling, Aaron also has a long history working in cannabis, most recently at High Times. Today, Aaron serves as Director of Outreach at Advocates for Healing America, a 501(c)4 nonprofit committed to psychedelic decriminalization and ending the Drug War.

Julie Farha

Julie Farha is a recognized intuition expert, intuitive insight coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and author. She understands the importance of intuition and passes her knowledge onto others by teaching people, entrepreneurs, and companies to apply intuitive thinking to their everyday lives.  

Joseph Chicas

Joseph Chicas is a social policy expert that guides leading cannabis companies through licensing, compliance and growth strategies. He is the lead policy contributor for Nugl and is a published author. He serves as the Executive Director of Cannabis Advising Partners and is a former policy professor from the University of Southern California. He also led the creation of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Veterans Affairs, which had not been in existence in LA since World War 2 . His articles focus on emerging cannabis policy issues from social equity, global licensing trends to investment strategies. Joseph obtained his BA from UCLA and his Master’s Degree from USC.