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Finding the Rhythm



We were all looking to 2021 to be a return to normal, to calm and more ease. However, this year seems to be an extension of last year. Sure, the virus is on its way out, and life is resuming. YAY!! Yet, there is still so much unexpected chaos and upheaval unrelated to the pandemic.

Our new reality is that “normal” is gone. We have yearned for normal to return. Normal grounds us. Or so we think. Normal provides familiarity, tangibles, confidence. These past 12 months have been full of unexpected and permanent change, and THAT is the new normal—constant, unpredictable change. What we knew is no more in many ways. So we can’t count on that to return. Doing so creates fear, stress, and anxiety because we search for something that no longer exists.

Look for the rhythm instead. That is the new normal. Every situation, every crisis, every joyful experience, every moment, every phase has a rhythm to it, a pulse. The rhythm includes moments of ebbs and flows, progress and pause, pain and peace, knowledge and confusion, doubt and trust, wisdom and ignorance. Do you know how I talk ad nauseam about the importance of being in the moment and creating a practice to get centered and destress? So that you can find and embrace the rhythm of each moment, day, circumstance, and phase. You can flow with the rhythm of life.

The new normal is a cacophony of change, experiences, emotions, adaptations, and decisions. Embrace this, and you will find the rhythm. Following the rhythm is how to navigate your life with more ease, grace, and success. It is all about the FLOW now. Flow is how you stay grounded. Yes, that sounds counterintuitive, but it is true. Let go of the need for things to be expected and known because little is anymore. Find the heartbeat, step into the rhythm. Use your practice to stay centered and be more in the moment so that you can find it. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can consciously create fabulous, new things out of change.

I hope you and yours are well, sane, and moving with the rhythm of life, with some great music playing in the background. ?

PS: I will be offering my interactive Intuition training in April. Stay tuned for details!

Julie Farha is an Intuitive Insight Coach, Speaker and Author. She uses her gifts to provide clear insight into your life and offers action items for resolution and forward motion. In addition, Julie offers training on her method, Tangible Intuition©, which teaches you how to use your intuition for better decision making and more success in all areas of life. Disclaimer: This information is for human interest purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.

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