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Freedom To Vote




Can you feel the intensity amping up?  The year started with Covid and is culminating with this very contentious election. Even if you don’t care who wins, even if you aren’t one who votes, the energy is palpable.  

Speaking of voting, if you don’t typically vote, I strongly encourage you to do so, not just for this election but from now on. You may feel our candidates are less than ideal or that your vote doesn’t matter. You may not know anything about the propositions on your local ballot. Vote anyway. I will tell you that energetically, voting matters very much.  Here I go being all “out there” again!! LOL.  Hear me out…

The act of voting is about freedom… the freedom to use your voice, freedom to choose, freedom to participate, freedom to craft the world you want to live in. Huh??  It adds to the collective high vibration of freedom because freedom is a high frequency.

Freedom means different things to different people…  Freedom to choose, freedom to have a voice, freedom of opportunity, freedom from oppression, freedom to live safely in your community, freedom to thrive to the level that you choose, to create the life that you want, freedom to educate yourself, freedom to love, freedom to have access to healthy options. To be sure, some of these freedoms aren’t available to everyone, including in this country. Voting is an act of freedom and therefore creates more freedom in general. 

It goes along with the law of reciprocity. If you want more love, be more loving. If you want more compassion, be more compassionate.  If you want more money, be more generous. You get what you give.  Get it??

So vote. Even if you write in a candidate because you don’t like the choices on the ballot, vote.  Vote for local candidates or  propositions that matter to you.  Just vote for something, even if only one office or issue. The energy of voting contributes to the collective reality and perpetuates freedom, thereby creating more freedoms for all.  See, you DO have impact!

Julie Farha is an Intuitive Insight Coach, Speaker and Author. She uses her gifts to provide clear insight into your life and offers action items for resolution and forward motion. In addition, Julie offers training on her method, Tangible Intuition©, which teaches you how to use your intuition for better decision making and more success in all areas of life. Disclaimer: This information is for human interest purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.

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