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Getting Started on Your Indoor Garden

  • Choosing your Growing Medium for Indoors

When it comes to growing mediums, there are several different choices from Rockwool, to Hydrocorn, to Vermiculite. Some work better for certain operations, depending on the type and size of your garden. Larger gardens should keep in mind the amount of waste that Rockwool can create. I would stay away from using traditional soils indoors. Most size pots retain too much water, which causes mold and nutrient burn. Also, retaining too much water could create bug issues such as fungus gnats. Of all the growing mediums, my personal favorite is a Coco and Perlite mix, for indoors. By choosing Coco, you’re not only saving money by reconditioning your Coco coir, but you are also making an Eco-friendly decision.

  • Choosing a Strain

When selecting strains, you want to ask yourself what your overall goal is. Is this for personal use or retail sale? Some strains have larger yields and lower potency, or vice versa. Are you looking for CBD or THC dominant buds? Whatever you choose, make sure to do your homework. Also, try your best to get good genetics. Buying seeds from reputable companies ensures that you get exactly what you’re looking for. It’s easy to lose good genetics, so don’t forget to keep your mother plants healthy until you are 100% sure that you no longer want the strain. 

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