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Giving the Gift of Gratitude



The holiday season is fast approaching, only this time, much of what we have taken for granted in our daily lives has been uprooted from beneath us. Many are at a loss of how to celebrate the holidays in a much different world than we are used to. With this post we hope to provide a positive, constructive outlet that resonates with the core of what this season is about, giving thanks. 

Gratitude is a powerful force, one that can lighten and brighten your holiday and life. This Thanksgiving we invite you to do just that, give thanks for all that is present in your life. Yes, there have been tremendous challenges throughout our country and our world this past year. However, the beauty of life is that we can start right where we are and be grateful for our ability to see these words, we can be grateful for our vision. In our gratitude we shift the energies of our mind and bodies from that which we don’t have, to that which we do have and open up channels to receive even more.

This may seem like a simple shift in thinking, but the power of gratitude has profound effects on the state of our mind, body and soul. When we are in a state of gratitude we also enter into a state of peace, abundance and love that will positively impact our immediate surroundings. By giving thanks, we give ourselves and others the gift of gratitude. Unlike physical presents or material objects, the gift of gratitude has far more power to really uplift, awaken and inspire not only ourselves but our friends and family as well as strangers.  You never know how much impact a kind word or simple act of kindness can affect somebody’s life.

All too often we are seeking and wanting that which we do not have. Taking a moment to gain perspective of how blessed we really are is life changing.  The holiday time of year is a beautiful opportunity to slow down and train our minds to think in gratitude. This can be as simple as changing your words from ‘I have to’ to‘ I get to’ even if it’s something you don’t particularly enjoy like washing dishes, we can be grateful for running water and the food that was on the dishes.  Changing how we look at life and the people in it we can find gratitude in everything.  

By practicing daily gratitude we are creating new neural pathways in our brain.  As you incorporate more gratitude into your words and thoughts you will begin to see your life shift to the better more love filled space.  This can be as simple as giving thanks for the air you get to breath every morning, giving thanks for every drink of water you get to take, the food you get to eat and just as important to tell those who make your life a little bit better everyday, ‘thank you for being you!’.

The gift of gratitude allows us to recognize all that we already have in our lives. 

Being grateful for the many gifts you see around you fills our being with positive wholeness, the feeling of lacking external objects becomes less when we begin to focus on all that we have in our life here and now even when it is as simple as air.

I invite you to look around and share your gratitude aloud for everything and every person in your life.  As you share kind words for those you care about, tell them why you are grateful for them and see this gift do wonders bringing joy to those you love, yourself included because gratitude truly is the key to happiness!!!  

I appreciate each of you and look forward to hearing how this daily practice changes your life and brightens your holiday season. 

Be Love Always in All Ways,


I would also like to invite you to join our daily meditations. No matter where you are, know that you are not alone!  Just set a daily reminder at the below times.  Take 3 minutes to quiet your mind and know you are receiving love and gratitude.

Simply close your eyes, relax your body, breath slowly and feel love engulfing you.

Daily at:

10:10 am

3:33 pm

9:09 pm

United We Thrive

My name is Ellcee Love, and I'm the founder and CEO of Regeneration CBD as well as Heal Our Earth Campaign, and most recently, co-creator of "Wellness With Love" at NUGL. I've been gifted many titles in the healing space, though more simply, I'm a woman who is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge to help others live their most joyful life. I have been deeply involved in the Burning Man community for the past 7 years. Growing and sharing conscious community values with love is very important to me, as is helping our planet. In addition, I advocate and publicly speak on the importance of healing our earth, our only home, as often as I can. I understand the power and need for self love, and of having a space where you feel connected to others, because united is how we thrive! I would like to Kiss: Keep It Simple Sweetheart, and grow with all of you!

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