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How NUG Plans on Normalizing the Cannabis Experience



NUGL had the opportunity to speak with Ted Whitney, the VP of Operations for NUG about the company’s rapid growth and plans for the rest of 2020. 

NUG, based in Oakland in a 200,000 square foot factory building. The company is vertically integrating the cannabis space. Starting in the medical space, and quickly becoming the fasted growing cannabis brand in California. The company cultivates, manufactures infused products, they make pens, edibles, and popsicles. Their finished products are all tested before they are packaged and go to market. 

In a move that might have seemed strange to some, NUG decided to open their dispensaries. With their products are in over 350 dispensaries within California, one might ask if they felt that this was cannibalizing other neighboring dispensaries sales. Ted explained that NUG’s goal is to normalize cannabis. Not only do their dispensaries sell their products, but they are also creating a customer and brand experience that can transform into sales in other local dispensaries. Ted said that the three stores NUG currently has open serve as a showcase for ‘best of the best cannabis’ grown and products manufactured in California. NUG has plans to open 3 more locations this year. 

NUG is very committed to moving the industry along and expanding the community. As one of the founders of the Oakland Equity Program, NUG is helping to revitalize Oakland using cannabis as the catalyst for change. NUG is providing startups with access to a greenhouse and entry into the marketplace to start a business.

NUG has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Ted let us know that they have plans to introduce two new brands this year – a value flower brand bringing high quality for a lower price to consumers and a new line of edibles. The new edible line has a natural approach with trail mixes, granola bars, and chocolate bars that incorporate Kava Kava and Valeria root. 

Learn more about NUG at and connect on with them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

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