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How to Hotbox like a Pro for Epic Smoke Sessions



If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then, hotboxing is a must-do activity. While hotboxing is fun and something you should try, it can be dangerous if you do it the wrong way. The activity involves oxygen deprivation, but you need to be careful because excessive carbon dioxide in the air can cause breathing complications.

So, how can you do it like a pro? Read on to find out. 

What is Hotboxing? 

Hotboxing is the act that involves the smoking of weed in a room with all the windows and entry points closed. You can also do it in any enclosed spaces like in a garage, shed, bathroom, or car can work as well. The idea is to block air from the outside from entering the enclosed space. This way, anyone in the room gets to enjoy the concentrated smoke. 

How to Hotbox like a Pro?

Once you conceive the idea of holding a hotboxing session, you need to do lots of planning to ensure that it’s a success. Here some of the things that you should take care of:

Pick a Good Location

First, you need to get a suitable location. The location defines the success of your idea. You also need to know the number of smokers and the quantity of smoke they are likely to generate and offset the air to smoke ratio. 

Before you begin the smoking session, you also want to ensure that the smoking space is tightly sealed to minimize leakage so that you can enjoy smoking for a while. You can use the available materials such as towels to seal any openings like under the door or tapes to seal any cracks. Besides, no one should enter or leave the room before the smoking session ends to avoid losing smoke.

Gather Supplies

Now that you have picked a location gathering supplies should be your next step. You can’t imagine the disappointment of running out of supplies at the climax of a hotboxing session. Sourcing for enough supplies will save you from the trouble and ensure that you have unlimited fun. If you are inviting friends, you can ask them to come with different strains for enhancing the session. 

When talking about supplies, we mean ensuring that you have enough sweaters, pillows, snacks, water, and smoking materials. You can also include the best vampire vape UK has to offer in your shopping list for a greater experience.

Bring weed in plenty because you are not on a regular puffing session. A successful hotboxing event qualifies by the amount of smoke you can see. Therefore, smoking materials should be available in plenty. 

The more you fill the air, the better. Make sure that all stoners light up their joint and smoke as if it is a competition. Surprise the party with a local production straight from your small farm. Joints and blunts come in handy when it comes to ingestion. The amount of smoke they produce will last for a longer time than vapour. You can get these supplies at a top weed vape store near you.

Invite Friends

Hotboxing is not an individual activity. It’s the teamwork in hotboxing that defines FUN. Then secondly, where is the adventure without weird friends? Being high in the company of like-minded friends defines hotboxing in the real sense. Consider it like a community event that every friend of yours has a stake in it. 

When smoking in a company, cultivating the positivity of every person present is important. A cool person translates to an epic session. Some light effects can make a hotboxing session something to look forward to every time. Let the smoke highlight the intoxication levels and release it to the atmosphere. Snacks and music of choice is something that completes the picture. 

Light a Candle 

During the smoking session, carbon dioxide builds up in your enclosure due to blocking passageways and airways. A smoke-filled space is one of the desires of hotboxing. However, this can be dangerous, and lighting the candle is essential as it helps you monitor the oxygen levels in the enclosed space to avoid breathing difficulties.

Candles use oxygen to burn. This means that a candle will only light up when the oxygen levels are enough. Lighting a candle in a hotbox event makes it romantic until it goes off, indicating it is time to open the windows or use the exit.

Avoid Breaking Law

Cops have a reputation for catching stoners’ hotboxing in their cars. That explains why getting an exclusive location is ideal. Always get a secure location that lets you enjoy the smoking session without interfering with other people or breaking laws.

Hotboxing is not a casual meeting at the local cafe. This is a full-blown event where you and your friends are getting high. Do not let anyone drive home or anywhere. Use the right devices like Evod twist for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Hotboxing pros plan everything beforehand. Find a chill spot for the night and avoid driving or going out on the road.

Clean the Smoking Space

It is not advisable to hold the session in spaces with materials that can hold the smell. But if you must, make sure to clean it thoroughly. The scent of weed lingers, and if the location was inside your car or one of your rooms, then future visitors will notice. Properly ventilating the room or car will help to get rid of the lingering smell. You can also use air fresheners to improve the scent.


Hotboxing is one of the best ways to enjoy epic smoking sessions with your friends. If you plan everything correctly, then you can be sure to experience incredible moments. Although smoking weed in some places is legal, always take maximum precautions to avoid crossing with the authorities.

Bear it in your mind that hotboxing is potentially dangerous if you are not careful. Lack of oxygen inside a room full of people is a dangerous thing, and you should not let the sweet scent of ganja overrule you. Your safety should be of prime importance during the session.

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