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How to Properly Store Marijuana



Do you keep weed at home in a tin, in the garage? Well, that’s not ideal. You wouldn’t store your milk in the cupboard, or your beer in the sunlight – so why would you store your weed incorrectly. Here is some great advice to store it in the right manner.

Avoid Using Plastic Baggies

You should not place your nugs in plastic baggies for several reasons. Placing your herbs in a plastic baggie could potentially crush your buds which removes the trichomes from the bud and decrease the potency of your herb.

Plastic should not be used to hold your herbs. Over time, the plastic will alter the taste of your herb. Additionally, plastic baggies do not prevent your herbs’ odor from escaping, making it a less than discreet storage container. Finally, plastic bags are ugly.

Choose Glass not Plastic

Airtight glass jars are the preferred storage containers for your herbs. Mason jars are the perfect solution because they can be found almost anywhere. Placing your marijuana in a glass container will prevent odors from entering or escaping and prevent oxygen from entering your container as well. Oxygen causes oxidation and can decrease the potency of your herbs.

When you place an item in a glass jar, you can rest assured that nothing will enter or escape once the lid is screwed on. Once your herbs are placed in jars, they will taste the same as when you bought them.

Store in a Cool, Dark Place

Glass jars allow light to enter which could potentially damage your herbs. Place your jar in a dark location such as a cupboard, a drawer or another location that remains dark throughout the day to prevent light from damaging your herbs.  If your jar becomes too warm, it can cause condensation inside which can increase the risk for mold; so, make sure that your jar is stored in a cool location. Online store, Save on Cannabis, have a wide range of great options to store your cannabis properly.

Temperature and Humidity

Ideally, your herbs should be stored in a cool, dark location. Try to ensure your jar is stored in a location lower than 70 degrees. If your herbs are stored at temperatures above the upper 70s, the risk of mold increases. Humidity is also another thing to consider. Your marijuana should be store at a humidity level of around 60 percent. If humidity levels are above 65 percent, the risk of mold increases.

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