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NUGL / KAYA Investor Relations

NUGL / KAYA Investor Relations

Stock Symbol OTC:NUGL

NUGL/Kaya Officers & Directors

    • Balram Vaswani
      CEO / Chairman
    • CJ Melone
      COO / Member
    • Brandon Vargas
    • Ben Kaplan
    • Lorne Gertner
      Board Observer

Latest NUGL News

NUGL Re-Launches NUGL Magazine in Conjunction With Kushstock Festival as “Kushstock Magazine”

NUGL Launches NUGL TV Multimedia Live Streaming & Video Platform for the Cannabis Industry

Latest Kaya News

Kaya Herb House Presents Lil Eazy E Signature Series Jamaica Collection for Rich & Ruthless Cannabis

Kaya Herb House Celebrates The 4th Year Anniversary of Their Drax Hall Flagship Location

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