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It’s Friday Night… Date Night, and It’s My Turn to Spark Some Magic



I get a text message from the man of the hour, and he’s on his way here. 

Not long before show time, and everything is just about perfect.

Ambient jazz music playing on the surround sound, check. Chicken parmesan is in the oven, with a simmering pot of homemade marinara sauce slow cooking on the stovetop, check. His favorite dress is waiting patiently to be slipped on right before he walks in. 

It just started raining, so I’m thinking a little smoke on the balcony before dinner will set the mood… OH NO. I forgot to drop by the dispensary! 

I can’t ask my man to stop on the way, he’ll be late, and dinner will get cold. Besides this is my night to make sure everything is perfect. I can’t leave now… this pot’s not going to stir itself, and what if he gets here before I get back? This perfect evening is about to become a perfect disaster. But then it hits me! I quickly pull up my NUGL app, and search for dispensaries near me that carry the very sexy strain: Smokin’ Aces, “Wedding Cake”, and find one only two and a half miles away. I need this delivered, and I need this to be quick and effortless. They accept Paytender! PERFECT. I’m able to order what I need, pay in advance with almost no effort, and with no minimum purchase or fees. With a few clicks I’m back on track. 

My sauce is just about done, and my chicken just came out of the oven. Time to slip on my dress and let my hair down. I hear the doorbell ring.

I open the door, and to my delight, I see my dispensary delivery has arrived just in time, swift, clean, and effortless. As I open the bag and smell the sweet aroma, I hear a knock. He’s here… And everything is perfect. 

Jessica, an accomplished event coordinator and marketing director with nearly 15 years of experience in her field. Specializing in promotional model and brand ambassadors street teams, event production, sponsorships and product placement, her advantage is her unique access points and connections within affluent social scenes and the entertainment industry.

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