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Kushstock 2021 In Review

(Lavender Boys) F.i.L.T.H.E.E. – NUGL TV Live @ Kushstock 2021



Welcome to a very special edition of NUGL Live at Kushstock 2021. Today we are featuring F.i.L.T.H.E.E. from Lavender Boys, who won 3rd place in Best Product of 2021 with their Slurricane Pre Roll. You definitely want to check these guys out! For more info visit their IG @LavendarBoysLA or their website

About Lavender Boys

In 2019 LavenderBoys LLC was created during a time of pandemic and opportunity. The constant evolution of fashion has taken the Lavender Boys brand to a unique space and inspired the “Designer High” approach that connects culture with lifestyle. The LavenderBoys brand is a direct result of pioneering our space within the major marijuana brands that also have a lifestyle element.

Lavender Boys Rolling Accessories

The explosion of medical marijuana brands is generating a revolution in revenue streams at an unprecedented rate. The apparel and merchandise trends surrounding this space are innovative and will be following the same pattern. As we continue to grow the brand and use our relationships in the music, fashion, and cannabis space, we create genuine content that resonates with many different demographics and has proven effective when interacting with our customers and fans.

Designer High Jacket
Green Speaker/ Grinder
Members Only Tee ( Teal )

For more information about Lavender Boys or to order products please visit them on IG @LavenderBoysLA or at their website

And stay tuned, we’ve got more vendor reviews coming!

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