Lift Your Vibe and We Will All Survive and Thrive

    Let’s talk about vibrations.  Everything is energy. The discovery of the atom proves this.  Albert Einstein told us this.  It is an indisputable truth. 

    You are energy.  Inanimate objects are energy. Thoughts emit energy. Emotions emit energy. Everything vibrates at a different frequency. As humans with evolving consciousness we have the capacity to shift our frequency… to lift it or to lower it at any given time. 

    Two very different vibrations can’t occupy the same space without conflict. To keep it simple, a 2 frequency can’t occupy the same space as say a 34. These are arbitrary numbers used to make a point but you get the idea. This isn’t about good or bad,  better or worse, it is about energy.  It is about frequency. 

    Now, let’s apply this to present day chaos. There is a LOT of fear, rage, discord and even indifference. Set aside the “why” and the “what” behind it all and focus on the frequency.  If you can shift the frequency, you can change the what and the why. Yep, it can be that easy. Yet not that simple.

    Peace is a higher vibe than fear.  Temperance is a higher vibe than rage. (Anger, as opposed to rage, is useful and healthy if channeled properly.) Harmony is higher than discord and love is higher frequency than indifference.  You can’t feel fearful and peaceful at the same time.  You can’t be in rage and think or act in a tempered, effective way. Discord prohibits harmony as is evident by our current polarized state in this country and indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love.

    So, how do you lift your frequency?

    1. Recognize the space you are in at any given moment.  The higher you are vibing, so to speak, the better you will feel.  If your frequency at that moment is on the lower scale, you will feel heavy, stressed, fearful, anxious, rage. If it is higher, you will feel more calm, happy, light, centered, loving. These are varying degrees and can change moment to moment.
    2. Be aware of your thoughts.  Our thoughts are a major cause of our current vibration and as such, you can lift or lower in an instant simply by changing a thought.  This isn’t always easy but it is doable.
    3. Heal your wounds.  We all have wounds. Unhealed or unacknowledged wounds cause pain, rage, shame, victim mentality, abuse, states of being that lower our frequency. Do the work to heal your wounds and you will naturally vibe higher.  Remember, you are wounded, you are not broken, and wounds can heal.
    4. Help others. This also lifts your vibe quickly. Being of service takes you outside of yourself and your head, taps you into the higher frequency of love, builds community so you feel more safe and when you feel more safe your vibration is higher.  Get the picture?

    EVERYTHING is energy. So if you feel scared or helpless about what is going on in your life or in the world, recognize your frequency level and lift it. The more you do, the higher you will vibe on a regular basis. Energy work is great for this too. Your vibration contributes to the frequency of the collective. Read that again. 

    The higher the collective vibration the less fear, rage, discord and indifference we will have in our lives, our nation and or world.  THAT is a key solution to all this chaos my friends.  It is an opportunity for us to wake up to this indisputable truth that everything is energy,  to own the power that we have and create a lighter, higher vibrating world that offers freedom, equality, compassion and abundance for all who want it. But we have to do our part.  

    Lifting the frequency makes the ick… oppression, domination, violence, hate etc… shrink because two opposing frequencies can’t occupy the same space. Are you starting to understand? Yeah, I thought so. Change can be as easy as lifting your frequency. Give it a try.  At the very least, you will feel better. At the most, your life will improve and so will your world. 


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