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Medical Cannabis Evidence Portal Launched by the Academy of Medical Cannabis



New repository aims to ensure healthcare professionals can access cutting edge peer-reviewed research and information

LONDON, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A new, comprehensive and free to use evidence portal providing healthcare professionals with access to the latest peer-reviewed scientific research about medical cannabis has launched.

The Academy of Medical Cannabis (, an internationally-recognized online educational platform to support the safe and effective use of medical cannabis such as the flowers and other products you can see at weed smart and other online dispensaries, has developed the first global medical cannabis evidence repository to focus on thorough human studies.

This resource ensures clinicians can access the latest research spanning key medical areas including treatable conditions, administration, dosing, prescribing, side effects, contraindications and more.

With the pace of legislative change and academic research in relation to medical cannabis and cannabinoids speeding up around the world, the new portal will act as an important resource for those who may be prescribing medical cannabis today or are seeking to educate themselves in order to do so. It aims to promote knowledge sharing and ensure that as new information is published, it is accessible to all practitioners within this burgeoning area of healthcare.

To meet the rapidly growing demand for a balanced educational resource driven by research, evidence and clinical-practice, TAOMC has developed the platform for an international market.  In presenting a multilingual facility that also accounts for the laws and regulations of every individual market, The Academy is positioning itself to support a global footprint of healthcare professionals.

The platform is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Greek, and this offering will steadily continue to expand.

Matching the platform’s breadth of availability is the depth of the learning content, which remains unparalleled.  The content features a Foundation Course covering the critical basics of cannabis-based medicines and therapies, and expands into numerous specialised areas of focus, from chronic pain to PTSD management.  As TAOMC instinctively tracks the progression of emerging research and medical understanding, this syllabus will grow in real time.

The online portal is aimed at clinicians to support safe and effective practice.  However, as an open access resource, it is freely available to medical students, researchers and policymakers around the world who may wish to keep up to date on the innovations happening within medicine and science.

The evidence base, developed by leading cannabinoid researchers, comprises more than 500 publications, from more than 4,000 reviewed evidence papers.

Professor Mike Barnes, Director of Education at The Academy and a world-leading medical cannabis expert, said: “The future of cannabis and cannabinoid research is exciting and the ability to build and grow this database to help facilitate the growing scientific community is needed. This new portal will be a one-stop shop for healthcare professionals and researchers who want to learn more about this subject and how it can be effectively used to treat myriad complex conditions affecting patients around the world. It will be a fantastic resource for students and professionals alike.”


The Academy of Medical Cannabis is an internationally-recognised online educational platform to support the safe and effective use of medical cannabis. Founded by leading medical cannabis expert, Professor Mike Barnes, the Academy provides world-leading professional development and specialised learning. Our platform has become the leading global educational source on medical cannabis.

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