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The impact of a resume on a job search

The practice of a job seeker submitting his or her resume to an employer or recruitment company in response to a job posting is becoming increasingly common, and not just among companies. Submitting a resume to a potential employer or recruitment agency is becoming one of the primary methods of employment for qualified candidates.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that summarizes in brief but succinct form the basic information about a candidate's professional skills, work history and personal information. It allows the employer to get acquainted with business and personal qualities of candidates in absentia with minimum time consumption, to make primary selection of the most worthy and to give the first assessment of their suitability for the vacancy.

Selecting candidates on the basis of resumes

Resume, which the employer read before the interview, allows you to quickly learn the main things about the candidate, to formulate additional questions and not write down the necessary data about the candidate, which reduces the time and increases the effectiveness of the interview. Most often, hiring managers, secretaries, office managers, sales managers, and even chief accountants oversee personnel matters.

Recruiters use the subjective method of selecting resumes, as well as the method of selection by a number of formal attributes (work experience and skills, professional qualities, education, gender, age, etc.). In the first case, of great importance is the subjective perception of the manager, in the second - a professionally drafted resume that highlights the strengths and skillfully leveled the weaknesses of the applicant.

On the basis of the resume formed the first and fairly stable opinion of a person, which, however, subjective, and depends on stereotypes of perception of people. If you can not get an invitation to an interview, it means that the resume for some reason did not attract the attention of the employer. The only chance to succeed with a resume is when it is read for the first time. As a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes to look at a resume. That's why a standard form is used when drafting it. According to most employers, it is very important that the information in the resume is as complete as possible and at the same time brief, and most importantly, that the applicant during the interview can confirm all the data.

Writing a resume

If you have trouble writing a resume, resume or cover letter, it is better to turn to professional resume writers. This can help you have a well-written resume with no grammatical or vocabulary errors. In turn, this will help you get invited to the interview and get the long-awaited job offer.

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