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How to put a carpet on the stairs?

For the carpet coating longer on the stairs, the lining should be put under it. In addition to durability, the lining increases comfort and helps to absorb the sound. Some carpet manufacturers even deprive the carpet on carpet if you install their product without the appropriate lining. Unlike carpeting, install lining on the stairs is easy - do not install it with a solid web. Install carpet packs of parts so that they are enough for the top of each staircase.


If you plan to replace the old carpet, remove the old planks without grippers using the ink. If you discovered the remains of the old substrate and carpet, remove them. Gently oscillate the stuck with a spacion knife.


Squeeze the staircase to remove dust and trash.


Measure, and then disconnect the strips without taps with a manual saw so that the strips were 1.3 cm already than the width of the carpet.


Place the strip without taps on the top step of the staircase at 0.6 cm from the rear edge of the sticky (where the disposal is connected with the riser) and secure it with nails. Points on the strip must be directed toward the riser. If this applies when laying the carpet, quit another band to the staircase riser, at a distance of 0.6 cm from the top of the sticky and so that the points are directed to the adoption at the bottom. Repeat it for each stage.


Measure from the front edge (opposite stand) stripes without taps, through disposal and around the plinth. With the help of a household knife, cut a piece of carpet lining such a width so that it is equal to the width of the strip without taps and at least 7.5 cm is longer than the depth of the sticky. Additional 7.5 cm will ensure that the packing extends over come and around the plinth. If necessary, adjust the length so that it approaches the protrusion.


Place the cut-out lining on the protector so that the rear edge lay down to the strip without the gap in the back of the tread, but did not cover it.


Secure the lining by scraping it with an interval of 7.5 cm along the rear edge of the stapler and brackets with a length of 1.4 cm.


Tension the lining around the nickname and attach it to the bottom side of the nickname with an interval of 7.5 cm. In completion, the packing must fit tightly to the protector without irregularities and folds.


Cut the surplus overlay in places of contact with the lining and the top of the riser using a carpet or shopping knife.


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