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NUGL Carving Out a Niche in Search with Cannabis Platform

Specialized search engine in cannabis space
Platform facilitates business with networking features
Potential for further commercialization with advertising



  • Specialized search engine in cannabis space
  • Platform facilitates business with networking features
  • Potential for further commercialization with advertising

Search is a lucrative business, as Google’s rise to fame and fortune will testify, but the ocean of information on the Web is so vast and growing so rapidly that it’s beginning to make sense for specialized search engines to enter the space. Some already have. There’s SkyScanner, operating out of Scotland, which only serves up information on the travel and flight industry – owned, it may be added, by Ctrip, China’s largest travel company. There’s TinEye – a reverse image search engine – which lets you search with images, and now there’s a cannabis search app from NUGL Inc. (OTC: NUGL), which aims to make information on products, services and anything cannabis related much easier to locate.

NUGL Inc., located in Chino Hills, California, aims to become a leader in fostering communication and business relations in the cannabis space. Its search app is the first step. The platform also comes with social media characteristics, since it has the capability to facilitate networking and alliances between brands and service providers. Of course, its greatest potential lies in the area of advertising, à la Google.

Google may be best known as a company that operates a search engine. However, it’s bread and butter comes from advertising. About 70 percent of Google’s revenues ($100 billion and growing) are derived from a product called Adwords, which places ads on sites that turn up in response to a searcher’s queries. Almost all the rest of it comes from another product, AdSense, which lets websites join Google’s network and run Google-branded ads. With its leading edge, first-of-its-kind search app and online directory for the marijuana industry, NUGL may soon be in a position to offer those kinds of products. It’s already on its way to being a one-stop shop for dispensaries, hydro stores, vape shops, brands and strains, as well as doctors, lawyers and other service professionals.

NUGL is the only cannabis search app built for the people, by the people. The goal of the company was to build the most user-friendly app experience in the cannabis industry, which it did by listening to its users and giving them what they want. NUGL’s services are completely free, and the top-spot listings are earned with honest user-based reviews, not sold to the highest bidders. NUGL can be used to search for genuine user-rated dispensaries, strains, brands, doctors and much more, all related to cannabis.

Search services centered on cannabis are likely to grow in importance as the industry develops. In 2017, Arcview Market Research/BDS Analytics estimated U.S. legal cannabis sales at $9.2 billion. They are projected to reach $47.3 billion by 2027. Such scope is well within NUGL’s reach. The versatile web app has no geographic limitations and can rapidly connect cannabis companies, related vertical services and users. The uniquely designed cannabis database platform features first-to-market technology that is attracting users and listings on a daily basis. Available on both iOS and Android, the NUGL search app brings a powerful cannabis search tool within reach of anyone, anytime, anywhere with the ease of a smartphone.

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