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NUGL Expands Internal Operations to Support Sales, Marketing Growth

NUGL adds to it’s already large team.



  • As its range of media and tech activities grows, NUGL is working to expand its internal operations
  • The company has recently acquired two cannabis industry magazines and has launched its own culturally-based NUGL Magazine
  • NUGL is creating the first of its kind specialized community that will help cannabis industry entities connect with each other

To fuel better marketing efforts and to support sales, NUGL Inc. (OTC: NUGL), the cannabis industry’s new standard of technology, has expanded its internal operations, according to a company press release ( The move is also intended to support the company’s newly launched NUGL Magazine.

As a part of the expansion, the company hired five new consultants who will be responsible for managing content distribution, increasing the effectiveness of the company’s online presence and overseeing national advertising sales. If you aren’t aware of how important it is for a company to have a solid online presence, then read the article titled “Tips to Give Your Business a Strong, Productive Online Presence” by Utah United. There are also many handy tips on how to improve an online presence.

Additionally, NUGL has announced several new marketing and sales positions. These include a regional sales representative for Los Angeles, a national sales representative and a digital marketing manager to monitor and expand the company’s online presence.

NUGL CMO Ryan Bartlette said that the company is growing fast and the monetization of this growth will begin in November 2018. Following the acquisition of Nichols Publishing Company and its two magazines at the middle of October, and the launch of the NUGL Magazine, the company will work on enhancing its digital footprint.

The new NUGL Magazine will cover the effects of the legal cannabis industry on everyday lives and culture. Topics from cooking to music trends will be addressed in relationship to the mainstream acceptance of cannabis.

Digital channels and technology are also beginning to play a major role in the legal cannabis industry. Software for supply chain management, artificial intelligence (AI) engines and ecommerce websites are all shaping up the face of the cannabis industry today.

NUGL is on the cutting edge of developing organic data analysis solutions that are focused on the cannabis industry. The company has accepted the challenging task of creating the largest cannabis business networking platform in the world. As cannabis ads are banned on other mainstream social networks, NUGL’s team has seen and seized an opportunity for specialized platform development (

Currently, NUGL has its specialized search apps and an online directory – two solutions that aim to deliver unbiased search results through the complete elimination of paid top positioning or one-sided reviews. Both B2B and B2C applications have been made available to enable both type of connections within the digital realm.

Through its efforts, NUGL hopes to establish a virtual community that serves the needs of companies specializing in the legal cannabis sector and of consumers. Currently, this community is expanding rapidly because of the growing number of dispensaries, vape shops, service providers, lawyers, doctors and other brands specializing in the field.

The cannabis industry is generating a lot of interest because of its rapid growth over the past few years. Cannabis sales are projected to exceed $146 billion by 2025 ( Between 2018 and 2025, the global marijuana market is anticipated to achieve a massive CAGR of 34.6 percent (

While medical marijuana is making the bulk of the sales right now, the legalization of recreational use in various states is also contributing to the growth of the sector. The recreational industry is projected to reach a volume of $8 billion by the end of 2018 (


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