NUGL launches a major App update.
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NUGL Inc. (NUGL) Launches Major Mobile Application Update

NUGL (OTC: NUGL), the cannabis industry’s new standard of technology, this morning announced a major update to its app, which is now available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. With an ongoing marketing launch, NUGL has enabled its app users to give input that will directly affect upcoming software development. Over the last 30 days the company has addressed feedback and users’ request for a more robust mobile application. NUGL is committed to improving the functionality of the mobile application, with a plan of making every feature offered on its web application available for the mobile application. The company has expanded its development team this month to assist in this effort. Among other highlights, the company’s major mobile application update being launched today includes redesigned profile pages, updated styling for buttons, new photo cropping tool for image uploads, updated search bar styling and the addition of new search options and filters. “We have received a substantive amount of feedback from our user base and we listen to it. Then we act on it. A large portion of our user base lives an on-the-go mobile lifestyle, and they want all the functionality and features we offer to be accessible on their phones,” Ryan Bartlette, CMO of NUGL, stated in the news release.

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