Release Notes (Mobile), 12/21/2018 See the full relaese notes

Release Notes (Mobile), 12/21/2018

Android: v1.3.2 (live)
iOS: v1.3.2 (pending)

API updatesWe’ve made some changes to how we serve data to our mobile apps, specifically in regards to listing and company data.  We’ll continue to update this over the next couple releases, and we’re going to keep improving the quality of the data we serve.  Small tweaks have been made to reflect this, but you may not see them yet on every listing as we roll things out.
Additional changesIn order to keep the NUGL app free for everyone, we’ve begun to partner with several companies involved in the cannabis space.  You’ll notice a small banner image under the search bar, which when tapped should take you to one of our partner’s websites.  These pictures do not go through any big third party networks, so no Amazon/Facebook/Google keeping tabs on where you are or what you’re looking at.  Each picture and link is vetted by our team before they get added, so we have direct control over what gets served.  These are meaningful partnerships with people actively involved in the 420 community rather than get-rich-quick attempts to take advantage of users with misleading ads or weird link redirects.
We thought this was the best way to serve our community, while still allowing us to move forward with improvements to the app.  Let us know if you have suggestions or questions at

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