Here we are still in the midst of this pandemic shut down, some things slowly opening, many restrictions still in place. 

    Are you having trouble staying motivated throughout the day?  There are a lot of emotions, anger and fears around this pandemic and the restrictions associated. Maybe you are still working so your routine has not been altered that much so being motivated is easy. Maybe because of the situation even motivation to work is hard. Or maybe things that need to be done aside from work get ignored because that is where the motivation lacks.

    For me, I am definitely having trouble with motivation.  I used to go to the gym for CrossFit and yoga 4-5 times a week. I am totally unmotivated to work out at home.  Yuck.  If I have errands to do, or house projects, I delay as long as possible. I forget to do things too.  In my case, it comes from a lack of things to do outside of work. I am a social person and not being able to do that makes me want to do very little.  Plus I can literally feel the constricted energy of life for all coming to a halt and it is SO heavy. I’m sure some of you feel it too!

    My point here isn’t to whine. I believe we need to be respectful and mindful of what is happening around us. But if you find yourself unmotivated right now, give yourself a break.  It’s ok and it is normal especially during this most unusual time.  Self-care is critical now and we have extra down time currently so spend some on you. Maybe doing nothing for a few hours is what you need.  For things like household projects, errands, etc. write down each thing, put them all in a bowl and draw one out to do that day.  That way you will feel productive. If you only do one of those things, so be it. And if you don’t do any of them that day, does it really matter??

    I have often said to take time and assess what you really need to do and let the rest go when you feel overwhelmed.  Well, if there were ever a time do put this in play, it would be now! I bet you have discovered that some things you felt you “needed” to do weren’t that necessary after all!!  If you feel unmotivated, it’s ok. Give yourself permission to be a little… or a lot… off. While the year ahead with this pandemic is uncertain, it won’t last forever. We are creating a new normal to cope during this time while establishing new long-lasting norms.

    Stay well friends. While the tunnel is very long, we are starting to see a dim light come through.


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