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Stranger Things



Hello NUGL family!

As we navigate this time, have you noticed unusual things happening to you?  Is your intuition stronger than before? Are you noticing the information that your intuition is giving you more and more? Do you “know”, “feel”, “see” or “hear” things?

Are people coming to you for advice more than usual? Are you being sought out when someone needs to calm their fears? If someone is sick, are you being asked or guided to pray for them or send healing energy? Have you had moments when you felt lighter than ever despite what’s going on?

Ok now indulge me with this one… are you finding very unusual occurrences such as seeing things that aren’t there, sensing a presence (an angel perhaps!) or feeling or seeing a loved one who has passed on? Or some other kind of unexplainable event?

As I have mentioned, this is a time of awakening and self-awareness. This includes an activation or acceleration of your gifts such as intuitive, empath, healer or medium and a deeper connection to higher vibrations and energies.  These “unusual” experiences are an indication of your specific gifts and abilities.  Now that I have brought this to your attention, maybe you will notice it if you have not already.  It is happening. I “know” it is 😉

Note these experiences and embrace them. Sure, it may spook you a little but have fun with it.  If odd things are happening and you don’t understand it, reach out to me and I will help you make sense of it. 

It is a special time. Life will never be the same in many ways. WE will never be the same for MANY reasons. And that can be a very good thing indeed.

Stay well and sane friends!

Julie Farha is an Intuitive Insight Coach, Speaker and Author. She uses her gifts to provide clear insight into your life and offers action items for resolution and forward motion. In addition, Julie offers training on her method, Tangible Intuition©, which teaches you how to use your intuition for better decision making and more success in all areas of life. Disclaimer: This information is for human interest purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.

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