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Terpenes 101: Kristen Yoder Teaches In Vegas



Have you ever noticed how you (and others) instinctively SMELL cannabis if/when presented with it? For most consumers, it is the smell that makes the sale. It turns out that our NOSE knows a lot more than we ever could have imagined! Studies show that the scent profile of any given cannabis chemovar (strain) is just as integral to the physiological effect as the cannabinoid profile. 

This class is focused on taking the mystery out of cannabis science. More specifically, what are terpenes, what do they do, what is the entourage effect and how does it work, etc. The goal is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions based on your preferences and the effects you desire.

Who is the Terpenes 101 event for?

Anyone interested in learning about the individual constituents that make cannabis so unique and effective. 

What you will learn

  • The Olfactory System
  • Addressing the Sativa/Indica Myth
  • What is The Entourage Effect
  • Intro to Trichomes
  • Intro to Terpenes
  • Chemistry of Terpenes
  • Taxonomy vs Chemotaxonomy
  • Terpenes in Everyday Life

Attendees will receive

Each attendee will receive a terpene scent kit to take home and a gift bag filled with cannabis and terpene products – ALL PRODUCTS WILL HAVE TERPENE TEST RESULTS! 

Teacher Bio 

Kristen Yoder, featured in Vanity Fair, Forbes and named one of Marijuana Venture Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Rising Stars of Cannabis”, is a 14 year Los Angeles industry veteran and radio and podcast personality who has managed successful businesses in every sector of the cannabis industry. 

As the cannabis industry becomes inundated with dishonest businesses and misleading information campaigns, Kristen’s popularity as an outspoken and trusted authority on a variety subjects has led to her to teaching classes, speaking at events, on podcasts, in print and online media both nationally and internationally. When she isn’t sharing her fierce wit and sparkling personality on stage or on the air, she is advising/preparing her clients for the unique intricacies and quagmires often overlooked and unexpected by those entering the newly regulated cannabis landscape.  

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