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Ganja Eats w/ Chef Matt

THC-Infused Asian Style Shrimp Fried Rice



Join Chef Matt and guest Chef Sako as they teach us to make THC-Infused Asian Style Shrimp Fried Rice that’s both easy to make and tastes out of this world! Follow along with us as we teach you how to cook with cannabis!



  1. Heat a large wok on high heat. Add butter and cook until melted.
  2. Add ginger and garlic. Cook for about 1 min, stirring frequently.
  3. Add shrimp, salt, and (lots of) black pepper. Cook for about 4-5 min or until shrimp is 70% done.
  4. Remove shrimp, place in a bowl, and set aside.
  5. Add butter, Vietnamese chili spice, (lots of) black pepper, and the day-old rice to wok and cook, stirring frequently.
  6. Add 1 tsp Chef Matt’s Vegan Ghee (or Chef Matt’s THC Infused Olive Oil) and stir to combine. Continue to cook.
  7. Add shrimp back to wok and toss to mix.
  8. Add basil, parsley, and cilantro. Stir together and continue cooking for another few minutes.
  9. Add soy sauce to taste. Stir and continue cooking.
  10. Remove from heat and garnish with basil and black pepper. Enjoy!

Chef Matt’s THC and CBD cooking products can be found at your local dispensary. Visit for more info about Chef Matt’s products and services.

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