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What Is NUGL?

The Monday Mood: 1-18-21



Hello, I’m Sam Kiper. Your friendly neighborhood weed enthusiast. I work for NUGL as their Internal Marketing Manager, and basically, I exist to make NUGL a better place for you!!

The cannabis industry is changing fast, and It’s inspiring. For the first time in history, cannabis is being taken seriously, and as of Jan 6th, 2021, Marijuana is Legal in 11 states plus the District of Columbia. That’s a huge deal! That’s like overturning the prohibition of alcohol. Its history, people!

Although that is great news, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Many major companies are deciding not to touch the stuff. They won’t let you advertise on their platforms or openly discuss the forward progression of the legalization. This makes it harder for cannabis companies to be successful and brand their products to consumers. 

It’s crazy, right? These platforms aren’t just silencing American companies; it’s happening on a global scale. That’s why NUGL was born. A small team of people wanted to stand up and make a difference. They created a social platform to connect all retail stores, brands, services, events, and everything else. The idea was simply a place for people to connect, share experiences, and freely express who they are without worry of punishment.

My favorite thing about NUGL is our interactive map feature. When you open up your NUGL APP on your Android or iOS device, you can search for brands or services right in your hometown. If you want to be more specific, add your favorite brands to your user profile. We call this Brand Tagging. This allows you to customize your search results, highlighting only locations where your favorite brands are supported. Pretty cool, and it saves time. 

NUGL can successfully market and connect the cannabis community through our multiple media platforms. For example, not only do we have a digital and print magazine. We host a weekly podcast called NUGL TV, where we interview top brands and leading technologies in cannabis. 

NUGL is just as excited to interview these companies as you are hearing about them. Please email me if you have a recommendation for a brand or service you would like us to interview. We love the engagement from our cannabis family. It’s why we started this revolution. NUGL’s mission is to create a better place for our cannabis community.

Check back every Monday for a new article. Again, I would love to hear from you about any questions or comments you have concerning NUGL or the industry.

If you want to learn more, visit  

Thanks for stopping by. I’m your host Sam Kiper. Email me:

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