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What Is NUGL?

The Monday Mood: 1-25-21



Hello, I’m Sam Kiper. Your friendly neighborhood weed enthusiast. 

This Month, five new States began their legal recreational marijuana sales. This is quite exciting, despite many media channels still refusing to display cannabis ads. Think about it, doesn’t that sound crazy? I mean, it has literally never been easier to start a legal cannabis company. So, you can legally own and operate, but you can’t market yourself? What kind of Catch 22 is that?!

NUGL is a host to multiple media outlets. We have everything from magazines to podcasts to business directories. NUGL strives to give cannabis businesses and brands a platform to have the freedom, to be creative and honest when marketing their products and services.  

Did you know that starting your NUGL profile is free? We make profiles free to encourage our community to do their part in helping keep everyone honest by self-policing and reviewing profiles. We don’t allow the same generic descriptions to be on products over and over. Every business is encouraged to be original and honest in its advertising efforts. NUGL believes honesty and unbiasedness are the key starting points for the cannabis industry to be respected. 

In the coming weeks, we will detail specific topics like creating a digital footprint, The differences between branding and marketing, Targeting demographics, Business to business strategies(B2B), Business to person strategies (B2P), Lead Generation, Customer acquisition, Client retention, Etc… Plus, what it all means. 

Be sure to check back every Monday. If you want to be featured on NUGL’s media outlets or if you just have questions and comments.  Feel free to email me.

If you want to learn more, visit or download the APP today.  

Thanks for stopping by. I’m your host Sam Kiper.


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