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The Monday Mood: 2-15-21



Hello, I’m Sam Kiper. Your friendly neighborhood weed enthusiast. Last week we learned what a target demographic was and different ways to expand your businesses reach. We touched on both the marketing and branding side of your business. This week I’d like to explain a bit more about the difference between the two. 

BRANDING – this is a combination between practices and message. Point blank, your brand is mostly defined by its recognition. The message or mission statement behind your brand is important, but not as important as the practices and efforts to relay that message. For example, Customer service and interaction is a great way to build and expand your brand. The amount of time someone spends waiting on hold or how fast a customer’s concerns get answered on social media; These are good examples to help you visualize. The less time you have to wait to speak with someone, the happier your experience was in  dealing with that business. 

MARKETING  – this is more of the planning and execution on how you want to promote your brand. This is where you can identify the platforms you want to target. Twitter, NUGL, Instagram, Shopify. These are great starting points. Platforms like these allow you access to millions of potential customers and free or paid marketing tools to help you grow your business. Marketing is more or less your plan to help you minimize “winging it.”

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I’m your host, Sam Kiper. 

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As NUGL’s Director of Content, Sam Kiper is an amazing storyteller and content creator. After serving in the US Navy for seven years, Sam was honorably discharged in 2016 to pursue his talents and passions. He has received degrees from The New York Film Academy and The Los Angeles Film School. As if that wasn't enough, Sam has managed Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning producers and artists. He has made quite a splash in the entertainment industry in such a short time, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team.

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