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“Fight for the things that you care about but do it in a way that will lead others to join you” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Oh 2020, you keep surprising us don’t you?! The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, while not unexpected, has created another ripple in an already tumultuous year.  

Justice Ginsburg was a champion for justice and equality. Whether or not you agree with her positions on the Court, she has the respect and admiration across the political and social spectrum for her integrity, steadfast determination, generous spirit and grace.  Her passing is a call to action for all of us at this most critical time.

2020 is the year when our vision becomes 20/20… we begin to see clearly what is broken in our lives, our systems, our nation and in our world.  We need to see in order to change what is broken, what is not longer working.  

What would you like to see change in your life, in your community, in your nation and in your world? What cause speaks to you? Politics? Environment? Equality? Children? Animals? Education? Homelessness? Maybe getting your own house in order is your first priority. 

The list of challenges is long so search your heart and discover what matters to you the most, what systems you would like to impact, including your own internal system.  This year is calling us to find our voice, take action and make our society a better place for ourselves and each other.  How are you willing to contribute? You don’t have to be loud, offensive, obnoxious or judgmental.  Follow Justice Ginsburg’s lead and proceed with integrity, steadfast determination, generous spirit and grace. While our lives may be different, our goals are the same. Together we can create a generous, thriving society for all.

“If you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself, something to repair tears in your community, something to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you. That’s what I think a meaningful life is – living not for oneself but for one’s community” ~ Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Julie Farha is an Intuitive Insight Coach, Speaker and Author. She uses her gifts to provide clear insight into your life and offers action items for resolution and forward motion. In addition, Julie offers training on her method, Tangible Intuition©, which teaches you how to use your intuition for better decision making and more success in all areas of life. Disclaimer: This information is for human interest purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.

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