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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

Welcome to Back Door Marketing with Jessica



Dearest Marijuana Aficionados,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Serrano, and I’m the Growth Strategist for NUGL, but you can think of me as your go-to guru for something I like to call “Back Door Marketing.” With nearly 15 years in the industry, I’ve learned that what matters most is an access point. So what is an access point, you ask? Access points are the doors we walk through to introduce ourselves to new customers and clients. Now let’s pretend 1,000 people are all standing at the front door of a business, knocking at the same time. In this scenario, nothing is seperating you from your competition. The business is now overwhelmed and may not even want to open the door. Introducing: “Back Door Marketing.”

Back Door Marketing focuses on new, innovative, fresh, unique ways to be seen and heard. We can all implement clickbait, email marketing flyers, banner ads, etc.; which are all well and good and should not be abandoned, BUT… forward-thinking, laser-focused, fresh ideas are the key to being noticed.

So I invite you, my friends, to think outside of the box. What do your customers truly value? Where is their attention most focused in their leisure time? What message do you as a business want to convey? I’ll be here every week with new tips and strategies to keep you motivated and moving upward and onward. Let’s embark on this journey together, and set sails on fresh winds, to grow and thrive.

For personalized strategy plans, you can contact me at

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