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What Is Growing Sinsemilla in a Greenhouse Possible?



Here we look further into the detail behind the name, the strain and the growing sinsemilla game and whether you can grow it in a greenhouse; 


The word is simply used to describe seedless cannabis flowers that come from unfertilised female plants. The terminology itself is derived from the words ‘semilla’ and ‘sin’ which in Spanish mean ‘seed’ and ‘without’ respectively. Despite this, there is no set geographic location for sinsemilla cannabis just like there is no subtype or specific strain of this seedless flower. Seedless cannabis is more potent, tastes better, and is simply of overall higher quality than marajuana full of seeds. This is why the most common interpretation of sensimilla is universally very good pot or very potent content.


Seedless buds have higher levels of cannabinoids and aromatic substances because they spend energy on producing resin rather than producing seeds. This makes them taste better and remain more potent. The contrasting factor with pollinated female cannabis plants is that they produce less resin as they are focusing their energy supply on growing seeds. The direct consequence of this is that they are naturally less potent.

The realisation of the improved taste has had a tremendous impact on sinsemilla production. Many cannabis farmers have adopted a policy of cutting male flowers as soon as they are identified and shifting focus to the seedles buds of the unpollinated female flowers. Growers have realised that this is the smartest and most efficient way to ensure top prices for the higher quality product. Potency equals cash in the pot market and the improved taste can make the breeder a considerable profit.


The good news is, it can be done and you will get two to three harvests done per season. Another positive is the lack of bugs before the plants go into the greenhouse because the plants are only in the ground for a short amount of time.The bad news is, it is arguably the most complex method in terms of technique to use because sinsemilla plants are notorious for depending largely on grower for fresh air, water and fertilizers. Despite this, it is possible for a high yield in your greenhouse with normal growth of around one to ten plants per M². Greenhouses in the modern day can host artificial lights too which inevitably produce the best result, improve the quality and the quality of the plant being used. It is certainly an effective way of flowering the plant quickly with up to 12hours of light a day, they could well be ready for harvest at around the two month mark.


Sinsemilla is fundamentally an alternative description for feminized cannabis. Marajuana is grown in controlled environments nowadays making it straightforward for cannabis farmers to produce exclusively female stock and increase profit margins. The chances of inadvertent pollination of your plants is literally non-existent which preserves the seedless bud and keeps the sinsemilla name going today. A greenhouse may be harder to utilise at first but it will still produce excellent sensimilla results for the grower.

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