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What’s the Difference Between CBD & THC?



As cannabis products continue to become mainstream ready and curious users are becoming more open to exploring their options. CBD and THC based products are available everywhere in every shape and form and the market doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Both CBD and THC occur naturally in the cannabis plant. However the way they affect users and their associated benefits differ greatly. CBD extracts from marijuana or hemp plants. Hemp plants are different from marijuana plants because they contain less than 0.3 percent THC. CBD sells in various forms including extracts, oils, gels, supplements, gummies, and more.

Marijuana plants, on the other hand, are cannabis plants that contain high concentrations of THC. THC is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana; it is what gives users the sensation of being high. Burning or smoking activates THC, though, it can also be found in capsules, tinctures, oils, edibles, lotions, and more.

There are some major similarities between THC and CBD. As mentioned earlier, they are both acquired naturally from the cannabis plant. Additionally, both affect the body when they react with the endocannabinoid system, but the effects they generate are glaringly different.


There is CBD in almost everything these days. The green boom and decriminalization of cannabis across numerous states have resulted in the standardization of CBD and hemp-based products. As such, CBD now floods the market with products ranging from topical (suppositories, lubricants, gels, and creams) to ingestible (capsules, oils, gummies, and tinctures).

Cannabis-related products have always been off-limits so there isn’t a whole lot of human research to back up CBD’s purported benefits. Why you ask? Despite its many benefits, the Controlled Substance Act still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.

This means that researchers and scientists are unable to carry out legal studies of cannabis. Most benefits associated with CBD are anecdotal, meaning the entire wellness community must eagerly await clinical back up to what is already known.


THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is what gives users a high. It affects the body in several ways including memory, concentration, pleasure, and coordination, as well as sensory and time perception. For these reasons, users are discouraged from using marijuana whenever they need to operate heavy machinery or complete tasks that require concentration such as driving.

Although well-documented are the benefits of marijuana, a lot of stigmas still surround THC. Proven effective in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and epilepsy, THC is also invaluable for pain management.

THC vs CBD – Which Should You Use?

Despite THC and CBD having almost an identical chemical composition, they affect the body rather differently. While THC may get you high, CBD can counteract those effects. THC might make you feel drowsier but CBD will make you feel upbeat and full of energy.

You don’t have to decide which products to use between CBD based one and THC ones. As a matter of fact, you are likely to get your money’s worth if you combine the two. For instance, people suffering from anxiety and paranoia report feeling much better when they consume products containing both CBD and THC as opposed to products just containing one of the two.

What About Terpenes? Do They Matter?

Plants contain natural oils known as terpenes or terpenoids. In cannabis plants, terpenes are the elements that determine the type of high that one will experience depending on the strain of the marijuana plant ingested. Some terpenes provide a more relaxing anxiety-easing high while others offer the user a burst of creative energy.

The cannabis world often classifies its THC in 2 broad categories: Sativa and Indica. Sativa is THC that offers users a more creative and energetic high while Indica offers the opposite, which is a more calming and soothing effect. Hybrid products are those that combine both the effects of Sativa and Indica.

Terpenes are also responsible for the smell and taste offered by a cannabis plant. Different growers tinker and experiment with terpenes all the time when breeding cannabis plants so that they can offer users a more targeted high.

We generally recommend checking two things before buying any THC or CBD based products; the CBD/THC ratio and the terpenes present. When THC and CBD come together, the result is pure magic.

Are They Legal?

The passing of the Farm Bill in December 2018 turned industrial hemp into a legal agricultural commodity in all 50 states. The legality of hemp-derived CBD products as well as THC, however, varies from state to state. As such, before you proceed to purchase any THC or CBD based product, you must check to see whether it is permitted in your state.

Final Word

As marijuana products become more accepted around the world the terms “THC” and “CBD” are more frequently and interchangeably used. But if you are going to become a partaker, you must first understand the differences between the two and how they can affect you.

Compounds known as cannabinoids make up the structure of the cannabis plant. The plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids that cause a range of different reactions in the body. However, THC and CBD are the two most popular of these cannabinoids. THC is what allows users to get high. CBD on the other hand induces feelings of well-being by counteracting the effects of THC.

THC binds with the body’s receptors to control mood, pain, and a range of other feelings. People consume CBD for all sorts of reasons including managing chronic pain, dealing with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, as well as managing pain.

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5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life Using CBD



Written By: Mian Azhar

Today, everyone wants to be happy and have a healthy life. This is why people have realized the importance of herbs and natural compounds. Traditionally, people would eat healthily and exercise frequently, but now, the intrusion of technology has changed everything. If you talk to any individual, they will tell you about tons of problems that they have in their life. Luckily, there are several compounds that can have a strong impact on the quality of your life. For this particular blog, we will talk about the positive impacts of CBD. If you don’t know, CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant, which is used for medicinal and recreational uses by over 1 billion people globally.

Here are a few ways CBD can improve your lifestyle:

1.      CBD For Conventional health Issues

Currently, CBD is the latest trend that has encapsulated a large part of the global population with its health benefits. It is a primary compound of the iconic hemp plant that is over 10,000 years old. Traditionally, people were only aware of their recreational uses, but scientists began to research it when it gained popularity. Today, CBD stands concrete with several proven health benefits, which make it the best option for people suffering from different health conditions such as constipation, breathing difficulties, obesity, constipation, arthritis, muscle spasms, and a lot more. If you want to make the most out of this compound, use the CBD hemp extracts. So when you have a healthier life, you will be able to stay active and vibrant throughout the year.

2.      CBD For Sexual Health

Keep in mind, stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your sexual health. Especially if you are stressed out all the time, it will be difficult for you to get intimate with your partner. Secondly, if you aren’t sexually active with your spouse, this problem could also lead to divorce. Recent research proves that CBD can have a strong impact on your sexual health. This means you can easily have good orgasms and greater longevity in bed. A survey conducted amongst sexually active people concluded that around 68% of people who used CBD had a better sex life than those who didn’t use it. The frequent use of CBD can also treat sudden mood swings and make you feel happier.

3.      CBD For Depression

Do you know, around 500 million people globally suffer from depression? Not to forget, mental health is widely stigmatized, which is why many people don’t feel comfortable talking about their experience. Chronic depression can have a negative impact on your life in several ways. People who are depressed have difficulty focusing on work, making friends, engaging with family members, and keeping up with the normal pace of life. Depression is caused by a number of factors such as unhealthy dating, unemployment, a chronic health condition, etc. Luckily, the frequent intake of CBD can make you feel better every day. All you need to do is find a suitable way to consume this compound.

4.      CBD For Skin Health

Physical appearance is a strong part of an individual’s personality. Because when it comes to talking about acne, around 700 million people suffer from it actively. Acne can easily deteriorate the physical appearance of an individual and negatively affect their self-confidence. Acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum in the skin. It is a sticky substance that causes a massive outbreak of spots and pimples on the face. Luckily, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can curtail the production of skin sebum. When CBD face masks were introduced in the Chinese market, the concept became a rage across the globe. However, if you want to look attractive and youthful, you can use CBD infused products for your face.

5.      CBD For Insomnia

Insomnia is acknowledged as a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for you to sleep on time. More than 3 billion people suffer from this condition globally, which means that they spend millions of dollars’ worth money to get treated. Luckily CBD is a cheap treatment for insomnia because it is widely available. Chronic insomnia can have a severe impact on your life because it makes you feel lazy all the time and can also affect your heart health. Insomnia is one of the leading causes of heart strokes and diabetes. Insomnia can also transition into depression, which is why It is imperative to treat this health condition on time. Today, people use CBD to make food, desserts, beverages, and snacks to consume in different forms.

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Using CBD for Pain Management



Written By: Milos Markovic

There are many different ways of managing chronic pain. One of the main ones is using prescribed medications, but these medications have one massive downside; they can be addictive if used for an extended period. This is the main reason why a lot of people turn to alternatives to manage their pain. One of these alternatives is CBD.

Royalty-Free Photo

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoid compounds in cannabis. Most people who would like to use CDB for pain management confuse it with tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound that makes you feel high when taken in significant quantities. CBD does not have this effect, and this is why it is well-received when used for pain management.

CDB oil has been shown to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort often associated with different health conditions. Although most people who use CDB oil for pain management praise it for its painkilling effects, scientists are still looking into CBD oil for pain management, and the research has so far yielded promising results.

How Does CBD Reduce Pain?

Our bodies have a signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system. Researchers think that CDB interacts with this system’s receptors in the immune system and the brain. By stimulating these receptors, CDB is able to create pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. This means that in addition to pain relief, CBD can also help offer relief to people with pain that accompanies inflammation.

What Type of Pain Is CBD Good For?

CBD oil has been used extensively in the treatment of pain in people with arthritis. It has been shown to significantly reduce pain and inflammation in rats with arthritis, all without showing any side effects. Anecdotal evidence has also shown it to have the same effects on people who use it.

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects the entire body. One of its symptoms is muscle spasms. These spasms can be so bad that they cause unimaginable pain in some people. Some studies have shown that the use of CBD oil can reduce the number and intensity of these spasms, thereby offering people with multiple sclerosis some relief.

CBD has also been shown to cause the shrinkage of some types of cancer tumors in addition to helping give pain relief to cancer patients. CBD has also been shown to alleviate some side effects of chemotherapy including pain, loss of appetite and vomiting.


The FDA does not regulate the use of CBD for various conditions. This means the dosage for your use is open to interpretation and CBD should be used with caution. If you are using CBD for pain management or if the doctor has prescribed CBD for epilepsy, ensure you always look for lab reports to know exactly what you are taking.

Side Effects

Although there are no significant side effects to using CDB for pain management, some people have reported some side effects, including diarrhea, fatigue, increased or decreased appetite, and weight gain or loss.

Note that CDB can interact with medications, but this is less likely when CBD is used topically because it does not enter the bloodstream when used this way.

CDB has shown great promise in the management of pain caused by various conditions. That said, it is important to note that additional research is being done to know exactly how it works and in which other areas it can be applied.

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CBD on Top



With all the hype surrounding CBD and skincare, we thought we would test some products out and give you the low down on some of the brands we are loving at the moment. Hemp, CBD, and THC are some of the “star ingredients” you will see when you are browsing serums, creams, and special elixirs. What do those do for you, though? Do they really work? What’s the difference between and hemp oil and a CBD oil?

We’ve narrowed it down for you, so that next time you are browsing the CBD product section, it will be easier to determine the best one for you and your lifestyle.

It’s essential to know the difference between Hemp and CBD. Although these ingredients come from the same plant and are both beneficial, they are a bit different when applied topically.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant and is moisturizing and can be anti-inflammatory. Typically, hemp seed oil is less expensive than cannabis oil because it’s a lot easier to produce. If you are unsure about a product, look on the ingredient list. Hemp seed oil will say “hemp oil, hemp seed oil, or cannabis seed oil.” Hemp oil is used in cooking, salad dressings, and is also found in skincare products. It is rich in fatty acids and proteins, so topically, it would be great for smoothing the skin and adding some extra glow.

CBD oil uses the whole plant, not just the seeds. On the ingredient label, you will find terms like “full spectrum or whole plant extract,” you will also see the dosage (in milligrams) that is in that particular product. While companies don’t legally need to put the dosage on the label, a lot of them do as a selling point; it also makes it easier to spot the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. CBD oil is packed with antioxidants. Why is this important?  Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals come from pollution, stress, diet, and so many other outside aggressors. They are the pesky little suckers that make you age by causing dehydration, wrinkling and sagging. The only way to eliminate free radicals inside the body is with antioxidants (which CBD oil has). CBD oil also reduces inflammation in the skin. Inflammation in the skin looks like acne, eczema, rosacea, or any other skin instance of redness or sensitivity.

While the studies on CBD used in skincare are fairly new, the reviews from shoppers have been nothing but praise. Here are some of the ones we have tried and our honest thoughts about them:

Kiskanu – Hemp CBD Face oil and Intimacy Oil.

I loved this oil right when I put it on my face and had the most amazing glow. Now, I know you’re thinking, “of course you had a glow, you just put oil on your face”, but the “glow” that came from this oil was very light, which is not usually typical for an oil. I loved that this oil wasn’t as dense as others because I could use it during the day or in the summer. Kiskanu is a woman-owned brand that only uses virgin, cold-pressed oils in their topical products, which basically means the ingredients are top-notch. Kiskanu is also known for their incredible intimacy oil! The intimacy oil is a plant-derived lubricant that creates a tingly sensation to increase pleasure in (or out) of the bedroom. I also love the intimacy oil to keep ingrown hairs at bay. At such a great price point, these oils are ones I will always have on hand.

Mineral – Maison Recovery Balm

Ok, first of all, I’m obsessed with Mineral. Their minimalist branding acts like decor pieces on my nightstand, and their products are pure luxury. They recently came out with a broader range of skincare and topical products that I’m dying to try, but that’s a different story. I tried and have been using their Maison recovery balm for a little less than a year, and I love it, it has become part of my nighttime ritual. Maison was created to ease stressed or sore muscles, but I love using it every night to relax and get myself ready for sleep. It has 300mg of CBD hemp extract and has notes of mint, sandalwood, and sage. To use, you melt a tiny bit in your hands and massage stressed areas of your body (for me, its usually my neck and shoulders). The linalool and limonene terpenes create an earthy scent, and the mint is such an added treat. Although Maison was made for easing tension and soreness in the body, I have found it can be used for a multitude of other things as well.

Vertly- Lip Balm

This is a very simple product that packs a punch. Lip balms are a dime a dozen, but finding a good one is hard to find. For me, lately, the concern has been ingredients. Because lip products sit on your mouth, you ingest whatever ingredients are in that product throughout the day. So many lip products have the most toxic ingredients and are typically the one product that you apply multiple times. In comes Vertly with their CBD lip balm. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, this lip balm has 25mg of CBD and is infused with peppermint oil for a slight tingly and minty sensation. I loved this lip balm because the scent was amazing, and it wasn’t super sticky. It was very light on the lips and didn’t get everywhere, which was huge for me. I loved putting it on throughout the day, before I went to bed, and loved using it to give my cuticles a little bit of love in the dry desert heat. I also loved the fact that anyone can use this lip balm for pretty much anything. I brought this balm on a family vacation, and everyone used it- women, men, and toddlers all loved it.

I have been obsessed with every product that Saint Jane has released. With only four products (so far), Saint Jane puts focus on luxury and quality. Their black and gold packaging is iconic and so beautiful to look at, but what’s inside is even better. The Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum is made with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, 28 omega-rich botanicals, and fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin to keep it feeling (and looking) smooth and hydrated. I love using this oil right when I get out of the shower on semi-damp skin. My skin has never been so soft, and I look forward to this luxurious ritual every time I shower.

Saint Jane- Luxury Body Serum

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Cannabis and Cocktails



An Interview with Jamie Evans, founder of The Herb Somm and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore the World of Cannabidiol.

When I heard and read about Jamie Evans, a former wine specialist and now expert in culinary cannabis and wellness I was immediately intrigued. Wine, cannabis, fancy cocktails, and food- I’m in!

Founder of The Herb Somm blog and lifestyle brand, author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD, an educator in all things wine and cannabis, and an event host, Jamie Evans beautifully ties in the healing benefits of cannabis with some of the best things in life- food, beverages, and social gatherings. Jamie started her journey studying wine and viticulture with an emphasis in wine business at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. From there, she wandered to different wine regions of the globe to soak up more knowledge and to experience more winemaking practices. After experiencing a horrific car accident, Jamie was having trouble sleeping and wanted to heal herself holistically, this led her to the world of cannabis. Jamie realized that there were a lot of similarities between the wine world she knew so well and the cannabis world she was just starting to get acquainted with. After a couple of years studying and deep-diving into cannabis, she started her brand and blog, The Herb Somm. Since then, she has networked with some incredible people in the industry, grew her knowledge of cannabis (Visit this website for more on this), and wrote an incredible and informative book.

Jamie’s book, The Ultimate Guide to CBD is a Cannabis bible. It’s a great start for beginners, as well as, people who want to expand their cannabis practices. The Ultimate Guide to CBD takes you through the basics of Cannabis (what it is, the different terpenes, strains, etc.), has the most wonderful recipes for CBD infused meals, cocktails, and topical products and has advice and information from some of the world’s best culinary chefs, winemakers, doctors, and cannabis growers. She has lovingly and intentionally created a guide to get you on your way into the cannabis journey.

A few weeks ago, Jamie and I had a chat about her book and the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.

Photo by Chris Greenwell

Bri Vivanco: How did you get the opportunity to collaborate with so many different chefs, mixologists, cannabis experts, doctors, etc. for the book?

Jamie Evans: I started my business back in 2017 (The Herb Somm). I was networking like crazy at the beginning [stages] of The Herb Somm. Along the way, I met so many amazing people and everyone in the book is someone that I had actually met and people that have made such an impact. Everyone is a good friend of mine that I have learned so much from. Each person brings a unique perspective to cannabis and CBD in a very approachable lifestyle way. It made the book that much more special to include the voices of some amazing people who know so much about cannabis as well.

Bri: In your book, you have some amazing CBD cocktail recipes. What are the effects of combining CBD and alcohol and what are some reasons people would want CBD cocktails, other than the cool factor?

Jamie: At this point in time, we definitely need more research about the interactions between cannabis and alcohol. Combining alcohol and CBD together definitely enhances the [relaxing] effects, but again, it just depends on how your own body processes CBD. For me, CBD gives me energy, so it just depends. I do think enjoying cannabinoids in your drink is a really fun way to consume them. Rather than combining cannabis and alcohol, I think that mocktails, and cannabis drinks in general, are the future of beverages.

Bri: So, these cannabis-infused mocktails seem perfect for people who cant consume regular alcohol but still want to participate in the party atmosphere.

Jamie: They are perfect for people who are trying to be alcohol free and are living more of a healthy lifestyle in general. Drinking is such a big part of our culture so having the option of having a cannabis-infused drink is really fantastic. You can go to a party and not feel pressured to consume alcohol.

*In The Ultimate Guide to CBD, Jamie includes delicious and refreshing cocktail recipes and also, a recipe for creating your own simple syrup and bitters, both of which are infused with cannabis.

Photo by Colleen Eversman for The Ultimate Guide to CBD

Bri: How do you incorporate CBD/cannabis into your every day, wellness lifestyle?

Jamie: For me personally, my regime starts in the morning with CBD. I love to use CBD honey in my smoothie or tea and use CBD tinctures throughout the day. The tinctures do have THC in them because I fully believe in the entourage effect, (it may be like a 20:1 tincture) but I’m not getting the intoxicating effects of it, it’s more of the full benefits of that full-spectrum product. In the evening, I integrate a higher amount of THC because it really helps with my sleep, as well as CBN which is a really cool cannabinoid that is really great for sleep. It’s more of a matter of what works best for you and what cannabinoids work best for your body as well. Personally, I’m very sensitive to high amounts of THC so it was just a lot of experimentation to find the perfect ratio. I always say, start low, go slow when you first use cannabis products.

* In The Ultimate Guide to CBD,  Elise Roberts gives you more information on how to find your perfect ratio.

Bri: I think it’s so great that there is a “trend” of living a clean lifestyle and there is also a light getting shed on big pharma and toxic beauty/topical products. It seems we have found one plant that kind of manages to do it all. (medicinally, topically, mentally, etc).

Jamie: Yeah, I mean, it always blows me away because it’s almost as if this plant was made for us because of the way it interacts with our body. Our Endocannabinoid system is made to interact with phytocannabinoids. It’s incredible that it interacts with CBD and THC so perfectly.

Bri: What would you suggest using first for a beginner to cannabis?

Jamie: I think tinctures are actually the perfect thing to use if you are a beginner because they allow you to titrate up or down quite easily.

Bri: With so much false information out there, how do you know which companies are going to give you a quality product and are actually legitimate?

Jamie: Cannabis-derived products at dispensaries are great because product lines have to go through rigorous testing in order to get their products placed on the shelves (here in CA). They get tested for pesticides, microbials, etc. Hemp-derived CBD products don’t have the same regulations so you just need to be careful. Some companies go the extra mile to get their products tested regardless of regulations. Always look for the certificate of analysis. It’s all about being transparent. You want to look at [a company’s] website for the certificate to see that their product has been tested and also, see that there is actually CBD in the product. Look for the brands that are going the extra mile.

Bri: What is the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum? Why would you use one vs the other?

Jamie: There are 3 categories: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. I definitely recommend the full-spectrum because CBD and THC are like a power team, even if its just trace amounts of THC, you definitely want it in there so you get the full entourage effects; it improves the efficacy of CBD. Broad-spectrum is similar to full, however, all traces of THC have been removed completely from the product. Broad Spectrum is great for people who want to explore cannabis but are worried about drug testing. It’s a great option for people like athletes, who need to take drug tests [regularly].

Bri: How did you start integrating your long history of wine experience with cannabis?

Jamie: In college, I was taking wine sensory evaluation classes that taught you how to evaluate and taste wine and I remember also going through different [cannabis] strains and realizing there are so many similarities between the two [wine and cannabis] with aromas and flavors. Back then, there wasn’t a lot of research out about cannabis, I had no idea what terpenes were; the conversations about cannabis were nowhere near what they are today. In 2017 I started using cannabis for more medical/intentional purposes. I had witnessed a car accident and couldn’t sleep, so instead of turning to pharmaceutical drugs, I decided to heal myself holistically and started researching cannabis. When finding the perfect ratio of CBD and THC together, it really improved my sleep and helped with my overall self-care. During my research, I found so many similarities of wine and CBD which was so fascinating coming from the wine world. Discovering how cannabis works with our internal system is what ultimately led to my career change.

Photo by Colleen Eversman for The Ultimate Guide to CBD

Bri: Before your book, I wasn’t very experienced in cannabis or CBD. I had one bad experience and always wondered why there was so much hype around cannabis or getting high. Your book helped me understand the different uses, types, and ways cannabis can add and contribute to someone’s overall lifestyle of health. It’s been literally been my bible of cannabis.

Jamie: Thank you! The amazing this is, we can make our own medicine, we don’t need to depend on pharmaceuticals. If we can learn how to work with this plant, we are going to learn more about our own personal needs. Creating your own tinctures and finding a strain that works best for you is a great approach to discovering what your body really needs.

Bri: What are some of your favorite things to make at home?

Jamie: I love the culinary side of cannabis, so I love making food and drink infusions at my house. I always have infused butter and infused olive oil. I have infused bitters, simple syrup, you name it. When doing at-home infusions, you always want to make sure to label everything, especially for consideration to those who live with you.

Bri: Is it difficult to get started in cooking with cannabis? It seems so complicated, I wouldn’t even know where to start!

Jamie: It definitely seems intimidating for a lot of people, but once you learn how to make your own infusions, it’s quite easy. To start, you can make large batches of olive oil and butter. Almost every recipe [in the book] calls for one of those ingredients, so then you have the power to enhance whatever recipe you want.

Bri: What are some basic tools you would need to start make tinctures and infused ingredients?

Jamie: I use, what I call, “The stove method” (The stove method is highlighted in The Ultimate Guide to CBD). All you need is a mason jar, a candy thermometer (you always want to keep a close eye on the temperature), a fine mesh strainer and cheesecloth.

Bri: Your book got me so excited about cannabis and all the amazing recipes and things you can do with it, I feel like I want to host a cannabis dinner party or something.

Jamie: I think that the infused dining experience, in general, is a really cool way to educate about cannabis. I have an event series called ‘Thursday Infused’ [on the Herb Somm blog] where I work with many different cannabis chefs. It was an event series that educated people on how to consume cannabis safely and responsibly but also make people aware that cannabis is a gourmet ingredient that adds so many aromas and flavors to a meal but also adds a euphoria that takes a dining experience to the next level.

Bri: What is your favorite thing about being in the cannabis industry?

Jamie: I have felt so creative in this industry. Having the ability to be creative has been so rewarding. Coming from the wine industry, it was a very male-dominated space. Coming into a space where there were a ton of female entrepreneurs and female executives was really refreshing to see. It’s changed a bit since I’ve come into the industry, but there are still a lot of female-led companies compared to other industries. I think there is this sisterhood that exists with women in the cannabis industry where we all support each other and I think that’s really important.

Bri: What do you think the future holds for the cannabis industry?

Jamie: Right now, Since Cannabis is still federally illegal, we haven’t had the funding to do all the research that we need, so I think that as time goes on, we are just going to discover more and more about this wonderful plant. There have already been some great discoveries so far. I think as more and more research and clinical trials reach the public eye, you know, that’s what is really going to change the stigma that surrounds [cannabis].

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7 Best CBD Products to Take With You On Road Trips

Feeling like you need to get out of your house for a bit or even get out of town for the weekend? Well pack up the car, grab a friend, and go! We’ve got the essential items you need to pack for your next road trip.



There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair as you drive cross country, cherishing the beauty that surrounds you. Passing through cities and relishing their vibrant culture, beauty, and cuisine will undoubtedly hike up your followers on Instagram. And of course, it’s going to give you some good memories to drown in some nostalgia some years from now. It’s essential to prepare to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey as exciting as a road trip sounds. The recent cannabis trend promises several products to ease your road trips. Here are seven of the best CBD products that make an excellent company for the road.  

1. CBD Face Masks

The bright sunlight and the drool-worthy beauty of the destinations make the perfect situation to snap all the pictures you feel like. But keeping your skin ready for the vacation is essential to look flawless and effortlessly sunkissed in all your photos. CBD face masks, with ranges from Origins Hello, and CBDFx can ensure a tour with a beautiful glow. The CBD extracts in the face mask help eliminate clogged pores and oil build-up and balances texture. Active ingredients such as charcoal help remove dirt, dust, and pollutants from the skin to rejuvenate. These simple masks fit easily into your purse, and you can stock up to use once every two days on your road trip to ensure you take good care of your skin.

2. CBD Sunscreen

As the gorgeous sunlight touches your skin, you realize it’s time to reapply your sunscreen to ensure you do not get sunburnt. The open convertible seems like a great idea until you fear how all the sunlight will affect your skin. Whether you want to enjoy long days on the beach or drench in the sunlight while on the road, CBD sunscreen can be beneficial for your skin. CBD sunscreens help protect the skin from damage and nourish it by providing hydration and moisture. The cooling sensation from applying the product is quite comforting, and some of the products can also ease the pain and redness from sunburns. CBD sunscreens like CaniSun can ensure you enjoy a truly carefree day on the road. NeuCana expert sun protection also offers the best sun protection and repairs free radical damage. 

3. CBD powders

         Road travel can be tiring and exhausting. You can never relax properly to recover for the next day. The use of CBD infused powders can aid you in cherishing wonderful relaxation time post-travel. Products such as Mondo CBD, which is an edible hemp powder mix, enable users to get over their travel stress and tiredness. The powder contains theanine, tapioca starch, coconut oil, and cocoa butter that combine to create a flavourful treat. You can sprinkle the powder in your desserts, coffee, or tea, milkshake, or enjoy a spoonful whenever you please.

4. CBD Gummies

For all the sleepless nights you spend in your motels or car back seats, CBD gummies are the real game-changer to ensure you get all the rest you require. Sleeping away from home can be difficult, and despite your exhaustion from traveling, there might be several reasons to keep you from getting complete sleep. Not getting enough sleep will make you cranky and tired the following day, and you might not be able to enjoy your travel. CBD melatonin gummies such as CBDfx aid in achieving proper sleep. You can chew them before you go to bed, which will help you get all the rest you need. These gummies are easy to carry and consume and should be a travel staple.

5. CBD pain creams

A comfortable road trip is a myth. No matter the type of travel vehicle you choose, you always end up with a cramped neck, aching back, and pain in your foot and joints due to prolonged sitting. If you are going on a long road trip with a history of chronic back pain, instead of having bags all around your seats, having a roof rack on your vehicle would be much of help. After you can clear up some space, CBD products can be used to make the ride free of pain.

Even the midway breaks cannot completely get rid of these pains. Carrying some powerful pain relief products will ensure pain-free travel. Products such as Highline’s pain relief cream and Elevate pain relief cream blend the goodness of CBD in a fine form enriched with bold flavors and a mild cooling sensation. The cream eases muscle tension and pain and leaves you feeling comfortable. The cream does not feel sticky, and you can reapply even while traveling whenever need be. The petite packaging ensures it can fit into your purse.

6. CBD Drinks

To keep you pumped with energy while on the road, several brands have come up with vibrant, flavourful, energy drink ranges that provide an energy boost. Drinks such as SuperLost cold brew, Sunday Scarie’s Yolo energy shots, Kona Gold’s hemp energy drinks, Cannabis energy drinks blend the finest flavors with high-quality CBD, making them the perfect drink for the road. Most of these drinks contain a burst of caffeine that blends with the CBD to give you impeccable energy levels to get through long travel timelines. You can pick a few cans for the road and enjoy the cold drinks with the breeze. If you would like just a refreshing drink, then the Recess range of boldly flavored sparkling CBD water will make a good choice. The Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pom Hibiscus are all amazing flavors to add to your cart.

7. CBD Lip Balms

Not just your skin, but your lips also go through the wrath of sunlight, dust, and pollution, and as a result, lose moisture. The CBD skincare range with nourishing lip balms can be the best pocket size beauty secret to take with you on the road. Products such as Pure Ratio CBD Lip balm bring together the nourishing nature of CBD with several potent ingredients. These include coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, jojoba oil that moisturizes and hydrates your chapped lips. You can also choose Life Elements Lip Goo that heals dry skin, mitigates age signs, and blows your mind with its incredible flavors of honey, mint, and lavender.

You can also choose from a wide range of moisturizers, cleansers, and bath bombs to help you to cherish your beautiful skin all through your journey. Pain relief balms, lotions, and anti-inflammatory creams are other products that can help you on the road. If you are traveling between states, ensure you have researched the CBD laws of your destination to carry your products without any discomfort.

Author Bio: Rebecca has been carefully studying the travel industry trends for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she is interested in penning down her views, providing quality insight on current travel trends, and writing about cannabis, food and beverages, particularly wine.

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Can CBD Spice up Your Sex Life?



Looking to ramp up your romps in the old sack? There are tons of things that influence your sex patterns like how compatible you and your partner are in relation to your moon signs. It could also be because of light pollution that your star signs are being altered which is putting you in a different mindset. But CBD might be able to help with that. Perhaps you should consider slapping some CBD lube on your private bits. Yes, you read that right! Just when you thought that humans have found every possible use of CBD products, studies now emerge that CBD products and supplements can be used to spice things up in the bedroom. So if you have a partner, you might want to see how it could benefit your sexual relationship, and if you’re single maybe enjoy the use of CBD lube by yourself with entertainment from somewhere like HD Tube Movies or another source.

There is CBD in just about everything these days- in your shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste. Your 70-year-old aunt is probably already using it to manage the pain from her arthritis. The legalization of cannabis across different states in the country has resulted in the standardization of hemp-based products and supplements.

Now more than ever, individuals are embracing the myriad benefits of CBD. Chances are high that you’ve also heard about CBD topicals such as creams, gels, lubes, and suppositories. There are also ingestibles that consist of tinctures and oils, gummies, and capsules, all of which are designed to boost your sex life, as well as sexual wellness.

But first, what exactly is CBD?

CBD and THC are some of the many compounds found in the marijuana plant. CBD and THC are both naturally occurring substances derived from the hemp plant. Although both THC and CBD components are extracted from the same plant, their action, and how they are used differ significantly.

After THC, CBD is the second most abundant compound of the marijuana plant. But unlike THC, which is the most popular compound of the marijuana plant, it is nonpsychoactive, which means that it will not give you a high when used.

CBD can be extracted from the marijuana plant or hemp. The primary difference between hemp and marijuana is THC content. Hemp plants generally are cannabis plants that contain less than 0.3% THC in their structure. Marijuana plants, on the other hand, boast a much higher concentration of THC, which is what provides users with the euphoric sensation when ingested or inhaled.

So how does your sex drive improve when you are on CBD?

According to scientists, the body has an endocannabinoid system, which contains small receptors that then react whenever you introduce cannabis products such as sprays and balms into the body. These receptors work by producing their own cannabinoid chemicals referred to commonly as endocannabinoids.

These receptors are awakened and revved up whenever you use CBD products or pop a CBD edible. As the receptors become engaged, your body then responds in several ways such as reducing pain and inflammation or in this case, improving your sex drive. You will have the energy to enjoy xxx porno hd videos with that extra sex drive! Pretty cool, right?

A scientific study conducted in 2009 discovered that men’s testicles contain endocannabinoid receptors. When men introduce CBD into their system, they experience a boost in their libido. In women. CBD has the same calming effect it does on men. It can also be used to rev up one’s sex drive as well as allow women to better respond to erotic cues.

CBD can also be used for:

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is as varied as the sufferers themselves. Erectile dysfunction affects individuals in several ways. For instance, some people experience ED sometimes while others deal with the problem constantly. For others, it can mean maintaining an erection but only for a few minutes while for others, it could mean not being able to experience an erection at all.

Regardless of how severe your problem may be, one thing is clear- CBD can help. CBD can ensure that you are relaxed so that your performance anxiety disappears. CBD also helps to soothe one’s nerves so that the blood vessels can relax and speed up the flow of blood to the penis so that it can remain erect.

Managing Low Sex Drive

It is normal not to want sex sometimes. But what if you are never in the mood for sex? There is a CBD product out there that can make your troubles melt away. CBD is what you need to loosen up, relax, and get a bit giggly.

Rather than start your sexy night off with alcohol, which will give you a hangover, affect your memory and cause vaginal dryness, CBD will make your senses more heightened so that you can have an even more pleasurable experience some people also find it useful to add some sexy content in from websites like ( to help them get in the mood. Many who combine the right adult content and CBD have seen a boost in their sexual activity.

It Can Help You Be More Open

With CBD, you no longer have to worry about your sexual escapades and how they will turn out. Perhaps you question the way your body looks and you don’t feel as confident as you should.

Maybe you’re crumbling under the pressure of pleasing your partner or outperforming your last great experience. If that’s the case, you should know that thousands of people out there experience the same thoughts and anxieties as you.

Performance anxiety can put a dent on your sex drive, but you don’t have to worry about it with CBD. CBD can help you relax so that all the self -doubt and the mood-killing thoughts can be squashed. Feeling less conscious of your flaws or performance will help you have a better sexual experience overall.

Reduce Pain

Topical, whole plant CBD oils can help women that experience pain during sex as a result of extreme vaginal dryness of irritation so that they can have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Please note that CBD works differently for people. It is not a one size fits all formula for solving your sexual problems. CBD will affect you differently based on your gender, body mass index. While it may work in boosting someone else’s sex drive, it may not have the same results for someone else.

Final Thoughts

CBD was a new and edgy buzz word that hit the wellness scene a few years ago. Today, CBD has grown in popularity to become available almost everywhere from your local grocery store to high-end spas fit for celebrities.

Fans of marijuana and health experts alike all agree that the benefits of CBD are varied. CBD can be used for inflammation and pain relief, for treating anxiety and depression, dealing with nausea, as well as insomnia. Recently, however, studies also show that it can be utilized to boost one’s libido and lubrication.

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CBD vs Marijuana: Which One Is Better for Pain Management?



A few years ago, I watched as a close friend of mine squirted a 1-milliliter dropper from a full spectrum hemp extract bottle, otherwise commonly known as CBD oil, under her tongue. It contained, according to her, 5.25 mg of CBD for each dose, and tasted like fresh strawberries.

CBD is alleged to provide users with relief from a host of bodily ills that ran the gamut from pain and inflammation, digestive issues, as well as stress and anxiety. As such, the CBD market is today flooded with CBD-infused beverages, gummies, chocolate bars, body lotions, candles, pills, face masks, creams, and even condoms and lube.

I’d heard about CBD previously, but I didn’t know that someone so close to me would be a frequent partaker. With the madness surrounding CBD reaching fever pitch, I was curious to know if I, too, could benefit in some away from the remarkable powers of CBD.

You see, I’d spent a huge portion of my adult life in the shadow of a horrible accident that
took place when I was just 18. On the day of the accident, I was coming from a friend’s house before the motorcycle I was riding lost control and swerved off the road. I managed to survive but not without serious injuries that left me in pain and unable to do much over the next few months.

I did recover, with extensive physiotherapy and support but my life would never be the same again. I was traumatized by the entire experience and I still to this day experience random pains on my body. I tried behavioral therapy to help me get over the ordeal, and it helped to an extent. I also tried antidepressants but I was concerned about the side effects.

I used cannabis or THC for pain management for a bit, but I didn’t always like the feeling of being high. It wasn’t until I made the switch to CBD products that my condition really started to improve. Almost immediately, I found that CBD oil not only made my pain much more tolerable but it also lifted my mood.


Individuals that suffer from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or some other chronic musculoskeletal pain today increasingly rely on cannabis products for relief. You may already know by now that cannabis is one of the most complex plants there is; different varieties and strains contain different chemical compositions.

However, regardless of the strain, all cannabis plants contain 2 of the plant’s most medically important compounds, that is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol. THC is the compound that’s responsible for the high that people experience when they smoke marijuana. THC also plays a major role in pain relief.

Unlike THC, however, CBD doesn’t give that intoxicating feeling. But scientific studies show that it, too, helps to ease the pain. These two compounds, THC and CBD, work by activating various cannabinoid receptors in the body that stimulate or inhibit the chemical in the brain that causes pain.

THC works by activating certain cannabinoid receptors such as the nerve cells and the immune cells. When THC activates the nerve cells, it then reduces pain. The high provided by THC also plays a critical role in how people perceive pain.

It is the euphoria supplied by THC that helps users ignore the pain, much in the same way that over the counter pain killers work; the only difference is that THC has no side effects. CBD, on the other hand, interferes with the brain chemical known as serotonin, which in turn influences the glycine receptors, which are the receptors that deal with pain.

So, which is better for pain management?

There is no definitive answer to the dispute between CBD and THC for pain relief and management. Cannabis is still regarded as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government. This means that its legal status limits the type of research that can be carried out.

Based on the available research, however, it is believed that a combination of both THC and CBD products such as CBD oil is needed to experience effective pain relief. This is because CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties while THC contains psychoactive properties that can help you to better cope with pain.

Should you give CBD products a try?

Since not a lot of research has been carried out on CBD and pain management, doctors are not able to say exactly who might benefit from CBD products, at which doses, and in which form. Still, the medical community agrees that:

  • CBD should not be used as a substitute for any treatment for pain
  • Anyone interested in trying out CBD products should first talk with their doctor or
    health care provider before attempting any CBD products. With your doctor, you can review which treatments have worked for you in the past and which ones haven’t. Your doctor might suggest that you do a trial run first and then return for a follow-up visit where the results can be evaluated.
  • Not all CBD products are created equal. You should only purchase CBD products
    from a reliable and trusted seller.
  • There are many different kinds of products that can be taken orally, applied to the skin, or inhaled. Each has its pros and cons so you should educate yourself as much as possible before starting your CBD journey.

Final Words

If you are doing everything that you can to survive living with chronic pain, one of the safest methods out there to manage this pain is marijuana. But sometimes getting high isn’t always an option, which is why CBD products are so great.

Both CBD and THC can be utilized for pain management. They are both considered safe but the decision about which one to use will be based on your personal preference as well as whether there are other drugs you are taking. Even when you decide which route is better for you, you must make sure that you do some research into the products that are available to you. For example, these thc gummy bears for sale could give people the perfect relief from their pain, as well as helping them in other areas too, but they may not work for other people. That’s why these types of decisions need to be considered with caution before taking any other steps. You must talk to your doctor or a medical professional if you have any questions regarding the uses of both THC and CBD before you start using any product.

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Ask Vanessa



Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the most widely-studied compound of cannabis. It’s probably what you’ll encounter the most whenever the health benefits of the plant are discussed anywhere.

CBD is prescribed for a wide range of medical conditions, especially those chronic disorders that are symptomized by persistent pain, anxiety, and inflammation. But as you shall find out, CBD contains numerous other medicinal properties.

Our CBD expert Vanessa Macias is here to answer any questions you may have about CBD and CBD wellness. If you have a question about CBD please ask in the comment section below.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Macias is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dust To Diamonds, a wellness lifestyle brand out of Southern California. She is studying for her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Devry University and has over 7 years of entrepreneurial experience. She also has a background in fitness training, nutrition coaching, and is a published author. With a passion for writing, she believes in providing engaging content to better serve her cannabis community through health, wealth and cannabis-integrated wellness.

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How Cannabis and CBD Can Help You With Pain Management

If you have ever used CBD oil or have thought about it, now is an excellent time to give it a try. CBD/cannabis can help provide you relief from the pain and prompt your body to begin the healing process much faster.



What is the intercostal muscle, and what does it feel like when you strain it? The intercostal muscle is what holds your ribs in place and connects them. When you pull this muscle or strain it, you will feel pain when you bend, twist, or use your torso to pick things up. Doing something like sweeping the floor or mopping might cause you to have a sharp pain in your ribs.

This is an excruciating strain for some but can also be mild, depending on the extent of the injury. If a muscle is actually torn, it will be far more painful than just a strained muscle. A strained muscle will still be very uncomfortable, but there are things you can do to help feel less pain and expedite healing.

What to Do When You Strain Your Intercostal Muscle

The first thing you should do is stop physical activity for a few days until you feel better. Muscle strain hurts that explained here Vitaleaf Naturals, no matter where it is. It’s best not to do any heavy lifting, bending, stooping, weightlifting is out. What else should you do?

? OTC (over the counter) pain medications can help. These include Tylenol and ibuprofen. These may upset your stomach, and you must be careful with the dosage.

? You are using warm compresses and cold packs back in alternation. The cold packs can help reduce the swelling that comes with the inflammation of a pulled muscle while the warmth helps to loosen the muscle and ease the tension. Try doing cold for 20 minutes and then heat for 20 minutes. Be careful not to place the hot or cold directly on bare skin. Wrap your compresses in a kitchen towel or a tee shirt and then apply them so that you don’t damage your skin.

? A warm bath. This can have the same impact as a warm compress. You can soak in a warm bath to bring you a sense of relaxation.

? Breathe deeply as much as you can. It’s tempting to breathe very shallowly when your ribs hurt. The problem with this is that shallow breathing is very bad for your lungs. It opens the door to pneumonia and bronchitis getting started, which can lead to coughing that will put you in far more pain than had you practiced some deep breathing exercises each day. It will be tender but can help initiate faster healing for you.

? If you have ever used CBD oil or have thought about it, now is an excellent time to give it a try. CBD/cannabis can help provide you relief from the pain and prompt your body to begin the healing process much faster. It’s a better option than taking too many NSAIDs, mainly if you already take medications that prevent you from using them from the beginning.

If you are unsure if you’ve injured your ribs or strained your intercostal muscle, you should see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Most pulled and strained muscles will begin to feel better in a few days. If your pain persists, it may be far more severe than a strain.

Getting a Diagnosis

Your doctor will ask you some questions as to how and when this pain started. What were you doing before the illness? Did you fall, twist, or pick something substantial up? Your doctor will put the pieces of the puzzle together, do a physical exam that will include applying some pressure to the area and asking you to bend until you feel pain so that he can observe your mobility loss.

It’s possible that your doctor will take some x-rays of your chest and ribs to make sure that you haven’t damaged your ribs or bruised internal organs. Some types of injuries can cause the lungs to be punctured by the ribs. If you’re having pain or shortness of breath, your doctor will want to rule out any damage to your lungs.

Muscle strains are scored depending on your answers and the results of your tests.

?     Grade 1: This is a mild form of strain that will self-resolve with no intervention.

?     Grade 2: There is no tearing of the muscle, but the damage is severe enough to take up to 2 or 3 months to heal completely. You’ll be instructed not to do any bending, twisting, or lifting during this time.

?     Grade 3: You’ve torn the muscle and possibly need surgical intervention.

If you require surgical repair of the damage, there’s a possibility that you’ll also need to attend physical therapy after surgery to ensure that you heal well without losing any range of motion and mobility that can occur with scar tissue builds and causes muscle atrophy.

Luckily, the vast majority of strains are minor and will resolve by just giving yourself some time and rest and following the instructions for helping your body through the healing process. 

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Hop Onto the CBD Trend



About CBD

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the most widely-studied compound of cannabis. It’s probably what you’ll encounter the most whenever the health benefits of the plant are discussed anywhere.

CBD is prescribed for a wide range of medical conditions, especially those chronic disorders that are symptomized by persistent pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Those suffering from these conditions can find out where to buy wholesale CBD so that they can buy it in bulk and have it be more affordable. But as you shall find out, CBD contains numerous other medicinal properties. That explains why many countries around the world have approved the sale and use of CBD. Many more are seriously toying with the idea of legalizing it. If you’re considering taking a leap into the CBD industry, you shouldn’t reconsider. In fact, now is the time to hop onto the CBD trend, and there are plenty of reasons why.

A bottle of CBD oil

1.   Research on the Effectivity of CBD Is More Promising Than Ever

Cannabis has been used from time immemorial to treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions. It’s believed that the leaves and flowers of the plant were used in most countries in the Far East as early as 10,000 years ago. In fact, the term first appears in the oldest Chinese pharmacopeia known as Shennong Bencaojing, or The Classic of Herbal Medicine. However, the medicinal properties of cannabis were easy to dismiss, as claims of efficacy were purely anecdotal.

It was not until the mid-20th century that the popularity of cannabis shot through the roof. Around this time, researchers took a keen interest in the plant as reports emerged that it could treat some of the conditions that were presently difficult to manage with modern medicine. And the findings have been quite promising so far.

In June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration agency announced that it had approved the use of Epidiolex. Epidiolex is a cannabis-derived drug that’s used to treat seizures that are associated with two rare but severe forms of epilepsy, known as Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. With more emerging findings on the medicinal potency of cannabis extracts, we can only project a boom in the CBD market.

2.   More Countries Are Legalizing CBD

The growing body of research studies on the health benefits of cannabis-derived compounds has seen many jurisdictions respond by legalizing CBD.

In the US, the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to acquire and use CBD in all 50 states, provided the substance is THC-free or contains less than 0.3% of the compound. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a compound in cannabis that causes the famous euphoric effect. THC is mostly associated with marijuana, which is a variant of the cannabis plant.

Now, with more countries poised to legalize cannabis, the CBD market is definitely set to expand.

3.   The CBD Market Is Already Booming, But the Industry Is Still Untapped

According to the latest research, the CBD market is set to hit $20 billion by 2024 in the US alone. The study relied heavily on the range of CBD products that are presently sold around various pharmaceuticals, licensed dispensaries, and other specialty shops around the world.

The CBD industry is arguably the most lucrative of all the herbal extract markets out there. However, it’s interesting to note that most investors aren’t keen on tapping into this market. That’s ostensibly due to the complicated legalities around the manufacture and use of cannabis extracts. Such investors are unable to distinguish between hemp-derived CBD (which is mostly legal) and marijuana-based CBD (whose legality varies by jurisdiction).

Why not capitalize on that confusion and ignorance to set up a CBD store today?

4.   CBD Is Accepted Across Many Industries

Admittedly, CBD has always been used to treat conditions that manifest in pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Examples of these disorders include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Alzheimer’s;
  • Arthritis;
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and;
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Administering CBD oil to a dog

But besides its popularity in the health sector, more industries are now mainstreaming CBD use. For instance, we now have CBD-infused creams in the beauty and skincare industry, CBD-infused drinks in the sports supplement industry, and CBD edibles used in the food industry. The best part is,most of these products are useful for our pets too. There are sites that provide every type of CBD item imaginable to make it easy for consumers to find their preferred products.

5.   Wider Availability

This point ties closely to the fact that more industries are mainstreaming CBD-based products. Initially, CBD and other cannabis extracts were almost exclusively available in licensed dispensaries and pharmaceuticals.

However, times have since changed, and you can almost always find CBD products in a store down the block. Besides dispensaries and pharmacies, other popular places to find CBD include smoke shops, local cafes, bars and restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

Also, most retailers have online outlets where users can seamlessly shop for the product and have it shipped to them. Buyers only have to locate a reputable store, such as Weedsmart, that deals in high-quality, lab-tested CBD products. The easier it is to obtain CBD, the higher the number of users, and the more lucrative the market.

  1. CBD Consumers Are Enlightened

One of the top reasons to hop on the CBD trend is that CBD users are a fairly enlightened lot. If you’re a businessperson, you understand the onslaught you have to go through explaining the utility of your products to consumers who might end up passing up the product anyway.

Well, these are not the kinds of hassles you’ll go through when you venture into the CBD market. When a buyer walks into your physical or online store, they’ve likely already settled on the CBD product they’re looking for.

Some buyers prefer CBD isolates, others use full-spectrum CBD, while those who are averse to THC often go for broad-spectrum CBD.

7.   CBD Enjoys Immense Celebrity Endorsement

You can never discount the power of influencer marketing, and CBD enjoys its fair share of celebrity endorsements.

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most notable celebrities to have endorsed CBD. She used vape pens for years to relieve stress, pain, and reduce the symptoms of glaucoma. When Morgan Freeman got into a grisly road accident in 2008, the ordeal left him with fibromyalgia, a condition that he has successfully managed with CBD and THC. Freeman is yet another outspoken crusader of CBD. The sensational hip hop artist, Snoop Dogg, has attributed his success in the music industry to his consistent use of CBD.

Other celebrities that have publicly endorsed CBD include; Melissa Etheridge, Seth Rogen, Montel Williams, Michael J. Fox, and Nate Diaz. All these endorsements serve one purpose – raising awareness of CBD, which translates to a more profitable market.

8.   Numerous Methods of Administration

One major challenge that CBD users often face is determining the right way to incorporate the compound into their lifestyles. There are numerous ways to consume CBD, and the choice of one method of administration over another comes down to your individual preference.

Some of these methods include:

CBD gummies
  • CBD oils and tinctures
  • Topicals and creams
  • Sprays
  • Capsules and tablets
  • Vape juices
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles, such as weed gummies.
  • Smoking CBD flower (Thanks Peter!)

While setting up your CBD store, you should give due consideration to the needs of your clients. For instance, if your clientele mostly comprises young children, you’d want to stock more CBD gummies.

There are obviously more reasons to jump onto the CBD bandwagon, and we cannot possibly exhaust them in one post. The top eight points we’ve highlighted above are reason enough to venture into the CBD market today and start reaping the fruits of this highly lucrative yet largely untapped industry.

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6 Mind-Blowing Benefits of CBD for a Healthy Skin

Your skin is not only the largest organ in the body, but it’s also the most visible to other people. As such, you will need to give your skin the extra care it deserves to keep it healthy and young.



Your skin is not only the largest organ in the body, but it’s also the most visible to other people. As such, you will need to give your skin the extra care it deserves to keep it healthy and young. There are lots of skincare products on the market at the minute (but you can get information from Renee Rouleau Blog), so no matter which skin type you have, there’s a product for you. CBD is a product that is commonly being used in the skincare industry and it has lots of benefits.

However, one should be careful with the products you turn to whenever you experience any skin problems because skincare products with harsh chemicals will only cause more problems. Some of the most common skin conditions are wrinkles, dryness, pimples, rashes, and redness. These issues indicate that something is amiss inside your body.

The good news is that CBD is the perfect solution as it has various health benefits. It can help in restoring much-needed moisture and nutrients to the skin, thus encouraging faster healing of your skin.

1. Treating Acne

Numerous studies on CBD oil show that it has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. This property is especially ideal for skins that are susceptible to acne because it can provide a calming effect. In most cases, acne results from inflammations, and CBD works on soothing the response, thus reducing the chances of more breakouts and redness. One can also grow marijuana plants at home by planting indoor marijuana seeds.

Additionally, another acne trigger is excess oil production on the skin. Cannabidiols are known to lower down the oil production in the body.  If you want to make use of this characteristic of CBD then we suggest you check out our favorite premium quality CBD capsules that can help lower the secretion of sebum, thus preventing and reducing acne breakouts.

2. Skin Cell Rejuvenation

The endocannabinoid system in the human body is responsible for the production of new cells. However, some people have a system that does not work well, which means their basal cells are not well facilitated.

These cells form the inner epidermal layer that requires replenishment for their well-being. As such, if the skin is to remain in good condition, the new cells need to get space from the old cells.

CBD oil can be the answer to the quest for skin rejuvenation. It can interact with skin receptors to help in the production of cannabinoids for perfectly glowing skin.

3. Anti-aging

Today, most anti-aging skin care products have CBD as one of their ingredients. The reason is that CBD contains antioxidants properties, which means that it has the potential to reduce the appearance of skin aging symptoms.

Busy schedules in our lives mean that we have less time to follow a strict skincare regime. On the other hand, various factors in our environment, such as processed food diet, dehydration, and dirty environment, have an adverse impact on the skin. Make sure you check out reviews from a trusted source and read reviews on a wide array of industrial hemp farms products from trusted sources like Herbonaut.

A study shows that CBD is the perfect boon for healthy skin. Antioxidants help in repairing damaged skin and reducing excessive wrinkles, fine lines, ruddy skin tone, and skin dullness. The best part about the use of CBD as a skincare ingredient is that it’s a natural and effective product.

4. Rich in Vitamins

Vitamin E and D are crucial for the nourishment of the skin. These vitamins help in enhancing the elasticity of the skin. Besides, CBD contains omega 3 acids, which are necessary for healthy skin, where it can help tackle the problem of rough skin and conditions such as dermatitis.               

5. Alleviates Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes the deterioration of healthy skin cells. It encourages skin cells to multiply faster on the skin, causing abnormal patches. This condition can be hard to handle and is also painful.

CBD oil can help in dealing with the pain caused by psoriasis. It can also help in controlling the increased cell multiplication.

6. Antioxidant Properties

When free radicals are present in the body, they can cause harm both internally and externally. Unfortunately, our environment is under trouble due to increased pollution, and as such, we come into contact with more free radicals.

According to a study, the consumption of CBD provides the body with enough antioxidants. They help the body in combating various pathogens and carcinogens that could be life-threatening. In addition, it can help deal with several diseases for a better and healthier overall body.

Care of Sensitive Skin

The sensitivity of the skin may cause redness, coarse and dry skin, and dullness. Sensitive skin requires extra attention, where you will need to be careful not to land on harsh products. CBD oil is soothing on the skin and a natural compound. It’s also an effective topical that works well on dealing with various issues associated with sensitive skin.

Various conditions in the environment cause harm to most skin types; it’s essential to incorporate CBD in your skincare routine since its calming effect ensures that your skin looks good throughout.

CBD Products for the Skin

There are a variety of CBD creams available on the market. Among some of the CBD products you can buy for your skin include:

  • CBD soap
  • CBD oil and serum
  • CBD lip balm
  • CBD salve
  • CBD bath bombs & salt


The cosmetic market has numerous products, and people are willing to spend a fortune in search of perfect skin. Unfortunately, most of these products are not natural, and they can cause more harm than good. CBD skin care products are the best way to go because they have overwhelming benefits and more so because it’s a natural remedy for various skin conditions. Moreover, CBD is a non-psychoactive product, and you can even use it as a detox drink for drug tests.

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How to Find Your Ideal CBD Dose



Author: Barbara Martin

To even begin to discuss the variables in determining an ideal CBD dosage is like trying to hold a handful of sand for more than 15 seconds without it slipping through your fingers. Each granule represents another factor to consider, falling despite your best efforts to contain it, and rejoining the rest of its multitudinous beachy brethren. 

So why are CBD doses so hard to determine? Well, for one, there is no universal dosage guide for CBD intake, which automatically indicates that the medical community can not back any advice you receive about dosing. This is undoubtedly not an exhaustible list; it’s necessary to think about why you’re using CBD in the first place.  The severity of the condition being treated, the concentration of CBD in what you’re taking, what form you’re taking it in (topical, edibles, sublingual, smoking), what effect you’re looking to achieve, whether you are a beginner to the CBD landscape, and of course, individual factors like body chemistry and weight. 

And, rather than focusing on each individually, these factors invariably fold and bleed into one another. This indicates that CBD dosage has to be considered on a case by case basis. But maybe understanding why the subject of dosing with CBD is so complex, and what issues lead to this complexity, we can begin to chip away at the question at hand. We can emerge a bit more knowledgeable, and a bit more aware of at least what we should consider when carefully experimenting with our doses.

Why Are You Taking CBD?

This will certainly help determine how much of it you should be taking, and how often. CBD has been shown, at least preliminarily, to help manage/treat/prevent a vast array of both physical and psychological maladies like chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, PTSD, troubled sleep, Parkinson’s disease, and depression.

Why does this matter? Well, CBD is a very versatile, ingenious little compound that has been shown to target many areas in our bodies and brains. By targeting our Endocannabinoid systems, CBD helps to manage those things that this system has a hand in regulating, like pain receptors, serotonin receptors, and enzymes. 

In terms of finding a dose that works the way it needs to, it’s necessary to have a clear understanding of what you would like CBD to help treat. In this way, you can monitor the effects that different doses of CBD has on these physical and/or mental areas. As well, depending on the severity of the acute nature of what you are treating, you may need a smaller or larger dose, and you may need to take it more or less frequently.

How Are You Taking CBD?

Do you have a sublingual CBD dose, or are you having an edible? Are you using CBD topically, or smoking it? How you take CBD affects how it works and also the intensity and duration of these results, which in turn, just as with why you are taking it, affects how much you should be taking and how frequently. 

Eating CBD in the form of an edible or capsule will have a more subtle, longer-lasting effect. It will stay in your system longer, while using CBD sublingually will have a rapid effect that may seem more acute, but won’t have the same lasting presence. So too, with smoking CBD. Applying CBD topically in the form of a salve or lotion, it doesn’t reach the bloodstream. Instead, the CBD interacts with ECS receptors close to the surface of the skin. This is targeting the specific area you apply it to, rather than the overall body. 

Of course, it’s clear to see how you are taking CBD also affects how long it will stay in your system, and the overall effect it produces. Topical creams may work for arthritis in a way that they would not show the same results if you use them for helping you sleep better. By understanding what different effects CBD can have depending on how you take it, you can develop a better understanding of your own needs, and move one step closer to figuring out your ideal dosage.

Body Weight/Chemistry and CBD Percentage

To throw a few spanners into the mix, it is also crucial to consider your body chemistry, your physical weight, and the strength or percentage of CBD in the product you’re using. These factors, more than the ones mentioned above, are tactile in a way that the scientific community has been able to grasp onto. There are many guides to be found with a simple internet search that uses equations based on these variables to help the public determine how much CBD they should be taking depending on body weight.

Body chemistry is essential too — specific genetic variants such as metabolisms, medical histories, levels of nutrition, age. Whether you are a first time user or a veteran (how much CBD might already be in your system, and if you’ve built up a tolerance), all need to be taken into consideration as well. Not to mention, CBD’s exact relationship with other medications you may be on is not well known as yet.

So although the guides mentioned above are quite useful, they only really paint half a picture. Figuring out CBD dosage is, annoyingly, not cut and dry. Of course, the more physical variables discussed above can guide us in the right direction, though. If you’re 5’2 and 110lbs, a young, fit first time user taking CBD oil with a high percentage sublingually, you’re not going to need as much on the outset. However, you could be looking for CBD to treat chronic pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis, which can then wholly rearrange your dosage equation. Adversely, you could be 6’2 and 250lbs and over 45 but are a retired Olympian with an impressive bill of health but are only looking to treat occasional restlessness at night. 

So What’s Your Ideal CBD Dose?

More likely than not, your ideal dose is going to be very individual. Our advice is to consult a physician. Although they may not be able to give you a universally recognized dosage, they’ll be able to help you determine what might work best for you. Moreover, start small. CBD can take up to 6 weeks for its effects to be fully actualized, so be patient and don’t go increasing your dose too soon. And, maybe most importantly, listen to your body. What works for one person may not work for another, and, as CBD is here to help our bodily and mental ailments, we owe it to them to be the boss when it comes to our CBD explorations.

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CBD Relaxation at Miracle Springs



Written by Bri Vivanco

Also known as Spa City, Desert Hot Springs, CA is home to natural hot and cold water mineral pools and is a hub for spa and wellness retreats. Intrigued by the natural mineral water and spa experience, I took a trip out to Miracle Springs Resort and Spa to get a tour of their 8 mineral pools and to find out why the city was dubbed “spa city”.Tucked away on a desolate desert road, about 20 minutes from downtown Palm Springs, was Miracle Hot Springs Resort. The resort is known for their 8 natural mineral pools ranging in temperature from hot to cool (the temperatures change daily, the hottest is usually around 105 degrees Fahrenheit!), a spa, ballrooms available for parties or corporate functions, a restaurant, and bar. The pools are located throughout the resort and have beautiful little gardens surrounding them, as well as a stellar view.


Upon entering their spa area, I was greeted with a key for my locker and a long black robe so that I can cozily walk from bath, to facial, to massage, perfect attire for the ultimate spa day.My first stop was a relaxing, CBD infused, Hydrobath. The hydrobath is basically a bubble bath with a CBD bath bomb that you drop in once you get settled. The bathwater was hot and the candlelight allowed to me mellow out, decompress and get ready for my facial and massage. My skin after the hydrobath was so much softer and moisturized and was definitely an experience that anyone could replicate at home, which was awesome!After the bath, I made my way to the facial room. I was welcomed by a kind and knowledgeable esthetician named Cyndi. She told me a little bit about what the Express Facial entailed (cleanse, mask, soothing face and décolleté massage, toner and moisturizer) and let me know how she was going to incorporate CBD into the service. During the facial massage, while the mask was soaking into my skin, she mixed Mr. CBD’s 2000mg CBD oil with peppermint, lavender, and chamomile, all essential to deepen any kind of relaxation. The massage was incredible! The peppermint left my skin tingly while the CBD and chamomile completely relaxed my muscles. For the skin, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it helps ease any kind of acne, rashes, dryness, or any other problem the skin is having. The express facial is great to give you a healthy glow when you’re on the go and also great to give your skin some extra love and hydration that tends to get depleted due to the dry desert climate.


Finishing the Spa Day was a full body CBD massage. Mr. CBD’s high potency CBD oil was infused with the massage oil in order to optimize relaxation of the muscles. Using a CBD oil while getting a massage allows the masseuse to really get in deep and release any sort of tension or build up in the body while relaxing and reducing inflammation at the same time. This means, no sore muscles the following day!The whole spa day was such a treat! Miracle Springs Resort was beyond welcoming and informative on the amazing mineral baths that the resort was built around, as well as spa treatments and products. It is definitely a great place to get away and decompress for a while and is not too far out of reach. Sometimes an easy weekend getaway is just what the body needs.

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Jamie Evans: Changing the CBD Game

Meet Jamie Evans. He survived cancer, uprooted his life to escape prohibition, and is making waves in the cannabis industry by growing hemp strains that look, smell, and smoke just like their high-THC counterparts, from Silver Haze to Purple Gas.



Jamie’s team will be in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival January 25th, stop by the Fly Lounge to meet them.

Meet Jamie Evans.  He survived cancer, uprooted his life to escape prohibition, and is making waves in the cannabis industry by growing hemp strains that look, smell, and smoke just like their high-THC counterparts, from Silver Haze to Purple Gas.  Hemp, marijuana’s genetically similar and yet wildly different cousin, is extremely low in THC (less than .3 percent, according to federal regulations) and high in non-psychoactive cannabinoids, meaning it won’t get you high no matter how much you smoke.   

While recreational cannabis consumers may not find the idea of weed that doesn’t get you high groundbreaking, it’s very significant for the vast community of medical cannabis patients who can benefit greatly from other cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG.  While further research is necessary, there is abundant anecdotal evidence and a handful of studies indicating the benefits of cannabinoids for a variety of conditions, from drug-resistant epilepsy to chronic pain and inflammation to, in Jamie’s case, cancer.

Jamie is a longtime cannabis consumer, but his diagnosis with leukemia in September of 2015 changed his relationship to the herb.  After being told that he would need chemotherapy for the rest of his life, Jamie got tired of “being filled up with narcotics [and] taking a pill for a pill for a pill” and started experimenting with cannabis again, this time not as a recreational consumer, but as a patient.  He left his home state of Utah in 2016 for Colorado, forced to leave behind his family in order to pursue continued cannabinoid therapy free from threat of prosecution.

Shortly after arriving in Colorado, Jamie got his medical license and began working with a doctor and the person who would become his business partner, using high doses of cannabinoids in the form of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to treat his leukemia.  “It really started working for me after about six months, and it’s worked so well for me … I’m doing really good. I’m really healthy, I’m able to eat now, and I’m feeling a lot better.” And, by all measures, he is: Jamie has put on over thirty pounds, including ten pounds of muscle mass, and keeps up regularly with his physician to monitor his continued progress.

However, Jamie’s experience with the RSO was mixed.  “I started realizing that all that THC is really, really good medicine, but it’s very intoxicating.”  We should note that no one, least of all Jamie, is trying to downplay the the significance of THC to the medical community:  “I think you need that intoxication to heal and to put your body at ease” he says. However, the intoxicating effects of THC made taking it at the high doses he needed difficult to manage at times.  Jamie grew curious about the role of other, non-psychoactive cannabinoids in his recovery.

Through testing the RSO he had been taking, Jamie and his colleagues noticed that the oil had high concentrations of CBD, CBG, CBN, “all different cannabinoids, and I’m a firm believer that you need lots of CBG, lots of CBC, so full spectrum.”  It’s this full-spectrum philosophy that lies at the heart of Jamie’s mission: to produce strains of hemp that are identical to their marijuana counterparts except for one crucial difference — their cannabinoid composition. After doing some hemp farming and “realizing what this plant can do, I really got into the hemp side of it because of the CBD profile and the CBDs — you can really get everything out of it.”  

Jamie had found a way to produce different hemp strains with varying cannabinoid content, and therefore the potential to target a variety of symptoms and ailments.   Canna Comforts, the company Jamie founded to bring his work to market, is focused not on THC (which continues to dominate the market), but on the lesser-known cannabinoids that pack a therapeutic punch despite their relative lack of press.  Jamie’s strains have had an impact on the medical cannabis community, helping everyone from children suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy to elderly patients with chronic ailments and everyone in between, including his own mother and father.

So just how similar are Jamie’s hemp strains to their corresponding marijuana cousins?  Well, so far Jamie has had multiple shipments confiscated by law enforcement, only to be returned after they were proven legal through testing.  “The flower looks just like the very high-THC flower. It’s got the same nose, the same aromas, the same terpene profile, the same look, the stickiness, the trichomes — it’s all there.”  Short of laboratory testing, Jamie’s hemp is indistinguishable from marijuana flower, and that’s a point of pride. “That’s what we’re really good at is our hemp flower,” he says before listing a plethora of top-shelf strains he grows, from Electra to Silver Haze.

Jamie is a believer in consumption of whole cannabis, which is why his hemp strains are so important to him, to his business and, he hopes, to medical cannabis consumers everywhere.  “Everybody’s so hyped up on isolate,” he says, “and it is great, it is a great product. It’s obviously an isolated product so it’s pure CBD — you’re getting the good stuff.” However, he says, “I think you need the other profiles.  You need something to get rid of the inflammation and you need to be able to stimulate the CB1 and the CB2 receptors.”

Consumption of the cannabis plant as whole flower or full-spectrum extracts instead of pure isolates, Jamie believes, is the most powerful way to reap the maximum benefit from cannabinoids.  For this reason, it’s important to Jamie that his hemp retains the terpene profile of its corresponding marijuana strain; there’s evidence to suggest that terpenes, the class of chemicals responsible for cannabis’ famous skunky aroma, may help “prime” CB1 and CB2 receptors, making them more responsive not just to THC, but to cannabinoids in general.

While Canna Comforts focuses on its flower, they also carry a variety of topical products that can be applied directly to the skin to alleviate pain and inflammation.  From bath bombs spiked with cannabinoids to soothing herbal CBD salves to hemp-infused lip balms in such mouthwatering flavors as pumpkin pie and cheesecake, Jamie has plenty of options to choose from.  He also stocks pure CBD extract, as well as a full-spectrum oil that contains a variety of different cannabinoid profiles. While he strongly believes in his hemp flower, he’s ensured that there’s a suitable hemp product available for everyone, including those who cannot or don’t enjoy smoking.  His products are available at dispensaries across the country, but they also ship to your home anywhere CBD is legal (meaning it can legally go just about anywhere).

When asked what he thinks the future holds for cannabinoids, Jamie keeps a level perspective while maintaining his characteristic enthusiasm.  “We’re doing pure CBG extraction right now, and it’s pretty exciting … Everybody thinks CBD is so great, and it is so great, but there are all these other profiles are coming out and we’re seeing different applications and uses, and I really don’t believe we know how to use this plant yet.”  Jamie believes in his product and its ability to impact lives for the better, and for that reason he’s committed to continuing his contribution to the cannabis community.

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