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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

When the Smoke Clears… Will You Be Ready?



Want FREE Exposure for Your Canna-Based Brand?

NUGL is the answer. NUGL is a free search directory with multi-media platforms for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp business community. We literally and figuratively put cannabis, CBD, and hemp businesses on the map. Our interactive map helps consumers locate their favorite product or dispensary, and our plethora of multimedia platforms help businesses grow and gain brand recognition. We also do various special events throughout the year to help brands get exposure, and allow consumers to discover new products and services.

To join the NUGL family and be featured on the map simply download the NUGL app and create a FREE profile. Featured profiles are only $20 a month if you sign up now, and additional marketing opportunities are available such as video content, interviews, magazine articles, emailers, podcasts, as well as customized marketing strategies.

To download the app, check us out on the web:

Keep up to date on everything Cannabis, CBD, and hemp-related on NUGL Magazine:

Check us out on all of our social media:






We will be rolling out some really amazing events in the very near future as well, so stay tuned for those announcements and locations.

For a personalized marketing plan, contact us at

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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

An Interview with NUGL CEO, CJ Melone



Hey guys this is Backdoor Marketing with Jessica, and today we had the pleasure of speaking with CEO and cofounder of NUGL, CJ Melone, to ask the crucial questions: “What is NUGL?”, “Why should I NUGL?”, and “What’s next for NUGL?”

So What is NUGL?

NUGL is a cannabis-focused multimedia platform combining a business search directory with social media and networking tools. We offer a user-driven and unbiased cannabis search tool for both businesses and consumers. Our software is seamlessly integrated with our digital and print publications, and our internal cannabis-friendly ad server, to boost your business’ reach and exposure. NUGL is community-driven and user-focused. Together with our fans, we’ve built an environment where content, services, and networking capabilities for all things cannabis are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

Jessica: Happy 4:20 Cannabis Connoisseurs, and welcome to Backdoor Marketing with Jessica! Today we have special guest CJ Malone, CEO & Co-Founder of NUGL. Welcome CJ and thank you for being here!

CJ: Thank you so much for having me, it’s my pleasure.

Jessica: CJ, NUGL has come a long way, from its humble beginnings as a canna-based search app, to what it has become today. For those who are unfamiliar, or perhaps only familiar with NUGL’s original application, would you explain to our readers, what exactly NUGL is?

CJ: NUGL is a search directory with multi-media platforms for the Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp business community. We literally and figuratively put cannabis, CBD, and Hemp businesses on the map. Our interactive map helps consumers locate their favorite product or dispensary, and our plethora of multimedia platforms help businesses grow and gain brand recognition. We also do various special events throughout the year to help brands get exposure, and allow consumers to discover new products and services.

Jessica: As some may have noticed, NUGL seems to have been recently working behind the scenes and out of the public eye. How has NUGL been positioning itself through the pandemic?

CJ: It’s been tough I won’t lie. If we didn’t have the team in place prior to the shut down it would have been a lot tougher. We made a choice as a company to take advantage of the downtime, and use it to our advantage. We used it to get a lot of things done that we previously didn’t have time to do when we were growing and moving so fast-paced. We rebuilt the apps to meet Apple and Android compliance for 2021, hired a new marketing team, expanded our content with the magazine, and solidified our internal policies and procedures for the public markets. But most of all, we focussed on dispensaries because we wanted to grow the retail sector and support the effort on the front lines. 

Jessica: From a consumer perspective, how does one utilize all of NUGL’s multimedia?

CJ: The first step to join the NUGL family is to download the app and create a free profile. From there, they can locate their favorite brands, products, and services, and discover new ones they never knew they loved. Check us out on the web, keep up to date on everything Cannabis, CBD, and hemp-related on NUGL Magazine, and check us out on all of our social media including Instagram. We will be rolling out some really amazing events in the very near future as well, so stay tuned for those announcements and locations.

Jessica: Now from a clients’ perspective, how does one utilize all of NUGL’s multimedia and branding opportunities?

CJ: Definitely visit the website, or download the app, and create a profile. It’s free to be listed on the map, and for a featured profile with all of its benefits, it’s only $20 a month if you sign up now. For a personalized marketing plan, contact us at We can create just about anything to fit our customers’ needs, whether you are a canna-based product, service, or dispensary. We are very aware of the limitations across the web, literature, and media. So NUGL created our own outlets, free of restrictions. Once part of the family, we have the ability to cross-market for our clients, optimizing growth potential.

Jessica: What is the difference between NUGL and Weed Maps?

CJ: First of all, we thank Weed Maps for being the first to create the blueprint for companies like ourselves to learn from. That being said, NUGL has created its own identity. For users, the app is very simple and easy to use. We are an all-encompassing one-stop-shop and resource for products, services, and entertainment, not only for dispensaries and products but also for ancillary canna-based products and services We are a much more cost-effective way to grow your business and consumer base. NUGL offers a one-on-one marketing department that will customize to fit a company’s needs. We are able to give each company the attention they deserve and help create the building blocks to success. We aren’t the Walmart of canna-based companies, we are the personalized agency so to speak for the mom and pop shops and brick and mortars.

Jessica: What message do you want to send to canna-based companies right now?

CJ: Post Covid, there will be a re-emergence of small businesses and huge competition amongst them. Instead of waiting to compete with the big guys for brand recognition, we can help situate you now, so that when the smoke clears, you’ll be ready. Slow and steady wins the race. Let us help you make a name for yourself. If you think you can’t afford to market, we have options that cost little to no money. We are about promoting the industry and promoting our community. I want to urge every cannabis business to contact us, use the app, and we will help find a plan that works for you.

Jessica: It sounds like there are big things in the works with NUGL. What can we expect in the near future?

CJ: You are absolutely right. Our winter campaign is about to go into full effect, which includes NUGL Coins, a feature that allows our clients to earn credit to try features to help grow their business. We also have a classified section coming soon that featured profiles will be able to list on, for things such as grow space needed, or available, job postings, etc. And we are very excited to announce NUGL Marketplace, an event series that will include music, public speakers, product vendors, food, and networking opportunities.

Jessica: This all sounds pretty amazing, and I’m certainly excited to see what’s next with NUGL! CJ, thank you so much for joining me today!

CJ: Thank you so much for having me, it was my pleasure.

Jessica: And to all of our readers, you can download NUGL on iOS, Android, or the website at Thank you so much for being here with us.

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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

An Interview with Eric Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer at Dama Financial



Today we have Eric Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer at Dama Financial, to talk about the emergence of legitimate businesses from what was previously considered a black market industry. We are of course talking about banking and cannabis. Welcome Eric, thank you for being here!

Eric:  Thank you so much for having me.

Jessica:  Eric, as Chief Revenue Officer, what is your role at Dama Financial?

Eric:  I’m in charge of spearheading sales and driving revenue, with a focus of managing the national sales team and identifying and securing enterprise level strategic partnerships.  Many of these partnerships, like our relationship with Nugl, involve the integration of Paytender, our merchant processing and digital consumer wallet.  In short, Paytender enables consumers to pay for cannabis through their phones.

Jessica:  So, let me just start off by asking, what it means to emerge legitimate businesses out of the black market?

Eric: First, I don’t like to refer to it as the Black Market, as I believe that is a loaded reference filled with negative connotations.  Instead, I call it the Illicit Market.  I used to call it the Black Market, until I was speaking at an industry event in Los Angeles and a woman in the audience who provided consulting services to social equity applicants corrected me and rightly put me in check.  Secondly, if you’re coming from the Illicit Market it means you’ve been working in cannabis for years.  You’ve figured out a way to get it done.  However, once legalized you became saddled with over compliance, tedious application processes, tremendous overhead and are now required to operate a cash intensive business in a highly complex and overregulated industry.  And, in many cases may not have had traditional business training and work experience.  Meaning, the deck is stacked against you once again.

Jessica:  Who is Dama Financial, and what is Paytender?

Eric:  Dama Financial provides the cannabis industry access to compliant and transparent FDIC-Insured banking and financial services.  Our Premier Business Bank Account is a standard checking account. With the Premier Account a customer also gets access to armored car cash pickup and processing, access to an interest earning account, the ability to pay bills via ACH or wire, a B2B invoicing platform, Paytender as mentioned above, and a dedicated relationship manager, among other products and services.  Dama Financial also views itself as a steward and good partner to the cannabis industry. We understand that historically so many CRBs have been misled, mistreated, and have had their trust violated.  As such, we’ve worked hard to build our reputation and have created a suite of sustainable, transparent and compliant financial products to empower the cannabis industry to be able to operate just as if it were a non-cannabis related industry.

Paytender is a merchant processing and digital consumer wallet solution enabling dispensaries to accept electronic payments.  When a merchant accepts Paytender it then affords the end consumer the ability to pay one of a few ways: they may link their bank account and in turn pay for their purchase with no additional fee, and all completely contactless.  Alternatively, customers can use a debit card. Lastly, Paytender recently launched a new feature called Pay Ahead allowing customers to pay through a text message before delivery or pickup, making buying cannabis easier, faster and more secure than ever before.  And, with the current Covid environment, it importantly enables the customer to pay with their mobile device and removes the need for hand-to-hand exchanges at checkout. All of this is federally compliant, and dispensaries never have to worry about losing their funds. 

Jessica: Who was the brainchild of Dama Financial, and why did they feel the need to create Paytender?

Eric: Dama was co-founded by two payments industry veterans whose careers have focused on converting cash-based economies to digital and banked economies.  When they looked at cannabis, they obviously saw a large cash-based economy, which presented an opportunity for them to iterate on something they’d done before.  Namely, help legitimate cash-intensive businesses, which were often being looked at as the illicit market given the stigma of cannabis, and play a role in safely and compliantly banking them.  They saw opportunity to provide the financial infrastructure necessary to assist the industry in growing, becoming more normalized and delivering legitimacy across all verticals.

To that end, Dama Financial is building out the entire critical financial ecosystem for the cannabis industry. In establishing itself as the only end-to-end financial services solution for all cannabis businesses, Dama continues to evolve its suite of products to meet the needs of its customers.  Paytender was a natural product extension emanating from our traditional style banking, knowing that dispensaries needed a compliant way to accept payment other than cash.  And, given our extensive experience in payments across other industries, this was an organic progression.  Working with so many cannabis businesses, we’ve heard numerous horror stories of merchants having their accounts getting shut down, their money being held by merchant processors, and outright theft. Many dispensaries had fundamental operational issues with their merchant processors, such as the inability to reconcile and settle funds at the end of the day.  So, we saw a problem which Paytender could solve.  Additionally, dispensaries faced the urgent and timely issue of COVID and changing regulations and consumer habits, which Paytender addressed.  By way of example, Paytender was integral in keeping one of our San Diego retail customers afloat as they had to deal with the new contactless requirements. From an operational perspective, the customer only had to deal with one service provider in Dama. And, from a product perspective, Paytender enabled them to make a quick and seamless pivot to electronic payments.

Jessica:  Why do Cannabis businesses need Paytender?

Eric:  Visa and Mastercard absolutely will not support cannabis transactions on their rails.  Therefore, dispensaries are forced to work in cash, as processing credit card transactions violate the bylaws of the major card companies.  Cash is dangerous, dirty, and unscalable.  We knew early on that we needed to find a solution that was compliant, that allowed businesses to accept electronic payments, and that would enable customers to skip the inconvenience of the ATM and be able to purchase cannabis just like they purchase anything else. Our initial goal was helping businesses achieve scalability, move from cash into electronic payments, increase efficiencies, and help customers purchase digitally.  However, when the pandemic hit, we realized safety became the most important value proposition of Paytender.  Being able to pay without making contact was key, but even more so that Paytender worked wherever products were sold.  Many dispensaries had to adjust operationally and pivot into delivery and offer curbside pickup.  With Paytender’s flexibility and capability of accepting payment wherever retailers sell, even ahead of time, and allowing customers to pay through an app with no passing of cash, cannabis businesses saw it as extremely important for public health and safety.  

Jessica:  So, from a user’s perspective, how does Paytender work?

Eric:  Customers have a few options to pay – they can pay in-person (in-store, at delivery, or curbside) and with a linked bank account and all the merchant needs to do is scan the customer’s unique QR code within the Paytender app.  Or a customer may use a debit card.  They can also take advantage of PayAhead, and pay in advance of delivery through receiving a text message.  Then, at time of delivery or pick up the customer does not need to do anything other than take their product. It’s literally easier than even using a card in your wallet.  Think of it as Venmo meets the Starbucks app, but for cannabis.

Jessica:  How secure is my money, and is Dama backed or supported by a federal bank?

Funds are FDIC-insured and completely safe with Paytender/Dama Financial.  Same for businesses, and they experience next day settlement of funds with no rolling reserves.  Paytender does not hold any of the funds.

Jessica:  What happens to Dama Financial when banks start dealing in cannabis?

Eric:  Let’s be clear, every cannabis business should have access to transparent and compliant banking.  It’s why we as Dama spend so much time in Washington DC working on behalf of the SAFE Act and the States ACT and encouraging the right legislation gets pushed through.  But let’s also be clear, even once something does get passed, it’s still another 12-18 months before the laws get rolled out.  And, once that happens let’s not forget that cannabis is still a high risk category.  By way of comparison, today only 4 major banks bank alcohol on any real scale.  That’s because roughly 30% of the alcohol industry still operates in cash, making the alcohol industry a high risk category.  At no point in our lifetime will cannabis be considered less high risk and have less compliance around it than alcohol. 

Now let’s take a step back.  First, it’s not illegal to bank cannabis today.  It’s a risk based decision by the respective financial institution.  Secondly, once some legislation passes clearing the way for other banks to explore the industry, it’s not as if all of the major banks are  simply going to open their vaults the next day.  You will have a large contingency of banks that will take a look at the industry, of that a fraction will take a deeper look, of that a fraction will seriously consider it, and of that a fraction will decide to jump in.  Of those banks deciding to get involved, many will want Dama to run the program on their behalf.  Not only do we already have all of the systems and controls in place, but we are so far ahead of the curve in terms of the intellectual capital we’ve cultivated from our years in the industry that it’s invaluable to a financial institution.

Jessica:  Aside from standard banking, will Dama be open to lending?

Eric: Yes, in fact Dama recently launched a lending pilot program through our lending network.  Today it’s focused on real estate and equipment financing, and we’re working on a pilot for supply chain financing based on inventory and receivables.  To me, financing at decent and fair rates is the final piece of the puzzle to enable the industry to be able to grow and scale commensurate with non cannabis industries.

Jessica:  What makes DAMA/ Paytender different from other cannabis financial institutions?

Eric:  Dama Financial provides access to FDIC insured banking.  Today we run this program on behalf of numerous bank partners, which means we have redundancy inherently built into our program.  It also means we have virtually unlimited capacity in terms of deposit size and volume.  And, while Dama is charged with running the compliance program on behalf of its bank partners, as well as it’s responsible for bringing in customers and deposits, Dama is also the fintech layer on top of its bank partners.  As most would assume, banks are typically not entrepreneurial by nature.  But, Dama brings that ethos to the program developing products and services specifically tailored to the uniqueness of the cannabis industry.

Jessica:  Lastly, who qualifies for Paytender?

Eric:  Paytender works anywhere a retailer sells, including storefront, delivery, online, curbside, and self service kiosks. So, any cannabis merchant can integrate Paytender into its operations.  On the consumer side, any consumer who buys cannabis may download the wallet from 

Jessica:  Where can we find Paytender, and how does one apply?

Eric: Visit and you can download the wallet.  To sign up it’s simply your first name, last name, email and phone number.  It takes you less time to download the wallet than it does for you to withdraw money from the ATM.  Once you’ve got the wallet, you may then either directly link your bank account like you would on Paypal or Venmo, or not.  If you choose not to link your account you simply pay by debit card.

Jessica:  Thank you Eric so much for your insight on this subject, and thank you so much for being here with us today.

Eric:  Thank you for having me! 

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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

Jessica & Julie Speak on Current Affairs



Jessica and Julie talk about current state of affairs and what’s to come in the time leading up to the election and in 2021.

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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

An Interview w/ Ellcee Love & Joseph De La Cruz of Regeneration CBD



Jessica:  Thank you so much for joining me today! 

Ellcee:  Thank you for having us! 

Jessica:  Would you like to take a moment to introduce yourselves? 

Ellcee:  Of course! My name is Ellcee Love, and I’m the CEO and Founder of Regeneration CBD. I’m a single mom, with a passion for helping people, which is why I started Regeneration. I love life and do my best to make every moment count. With that, I also understand the beauty of helping others to live their most joyful life. This is why I do my best to share my knowledge and resources as often as possible. Life is meant to be fun and shared with others, so I make every moment count. I’m also very passionate about the Burning Man community and doing whatever I can to help grow a more health and wellness conscious community so that we can all thrive together. 

Joseph:  My name Is Joseph De La Cruz, I’m an author, and COO of Regeneration CBD. I believe it’s all about who we want to be in this world. Life is such a precious gift, so I think we might as well do some good, and have some fun while we are here. I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so this is why we incorporate some intentional energetic aspects into our brand and products that are unique to Regeneration.

Jessica:  So, let’s jump right into it. What exactly is it that makes CBD so powerful, and what are some of the benefits?

Ellcee:  CBD is a fascinating molecule. Once absorbed into the body, it travels to our CB1 and CB 2 receptors. These receptors are what control our endocannabinoid system, and what keeps our body in balance. These receptors are like the communication system of our body. With the often-toxic air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink, we tend to have a toxic build-up in our bodies. CBD targets this build-up and removes it so that our bodies’ cells can naturally communicate and give itself whatever it needs to come back into balance. Basically, everyone should be taking CBD to keep your body performing optimally.

Jessica:  What would you say differentiates Regeneration CBD from other CBD companies on the market? 

Ellcee:  First, our passion and driving force is bringing you into full mind, body, and soul health so that you don’t need to take anything else. We created the highest potency of Pure CBD on the market, with our 8888-milligram bottle with the intention to swiftly bring you into optimal health. We also understand the power of energy and frequency healing. This is why we charge every bottle of Regeneration CBD at 528hz, the frequency of love, and DNA repair. For those that are unaware, I would urge you to look into some scientific research done, such as Dr. Emoto’s work with the power of intention on water. We also incorporate as many healing modalities as possible, to help create optimal health of your mind, your body, and soul, such as links to sleep frequencies. These frequencies can change the molecular structure of the water within the body, create full-body calmness, and can drastically reduce your daily anxiety. We share guided meditations, breathwork, links to speakers who can help you understand why your mind reacts vs responds, and how to recreate neural pathways to engulf your life in eternal joyful love. Helping you truly is our passion so please… let us help! As an example, every time you hear a ‘ding’ from your phone or other places just think ‘I love me, I love us’ you are retraining your brain to enforce that you love yourself and others.  Self-love is a key part of a healthy, joyful life. 

Jessica:  You obviously are very heartfelt about what you do. Let me ask you, what makes you so passionate about Hemp-based CBD and its benefits? 

Ellcee:  My daughter first introduced me to CBD when she started using it for chronic pain that she had long been experiencing, and it totally disappeared. This got my attention!!! I began passionately learning about this precious molecule and was in awe of the magnitude of the healing benefits it held. The hemp plant itself is extremely powerful, yet the isolated molecule of CBD used with MCT oil is a massive powerhouse of healing! We use only Pure CBD isolate, which contains ZERO THC, so you can be completely comfortable knowing you have the most powerful formula that is safe for your child, your grandmother, or any family member including our furry families. The more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to do everything I could to share this with everyone, as I didn’t want to see anyone suffer as my daughter did. Also, unlike most prescriptions, there are virtually no negative side effects of Pure CBD and it helps with almost everything our body needs.  In addition, I discovered that our own government had a patent on CBD for its healing benefits, yet they still called it a Schedule 1. It fascinated me that our own government understood how powerful CBD is, yet they didn’t want us to know. Thank God we now live in a time of so much shared knowledge. 

Jessica:  How should the average person be utilizing CBD as a tool in their daily lives?

Ellcee:  Besides the limitless uses of Regeneration CBD to help your body perform optimally, a large benefit is that it helps calm your mind to allow your brain to respond vs react to life’s challenges. Say you are arguing with your spouse, you can stop, take a deep breath while taking some Regeneration CBD, which will help calm you down so you can better resolve the disagreement sweetly. 

Jessica:  I noticed some really intricately beautiful designs on the Regeneration bottles. Is there a reason you use sacred geometry and “angel numbers”? 

Ellcee: Everything about our product; from the CBD to the design of the bottles, to the information we share, is designed to create the strongest energy of healing love and wisdom to illuminate your light. The sacred geometry is to remind you that there is always an opportunity for beautiful new beginnings. Our angel numbers are to remind you that you are not alone, that spiritual guidance is everywhere, and also indicate what strength the formula is. The higher the number to more powerful the formula and the faster you should see results. This combination along with the 528hz frequency we use creates a superpower of healing energy to swiftly bring your mind, body, and soul into health. 

Jessica:  Can you explain to us what a 528 Hz frequency is?

Ellcee:  528hz is the Frequency of love.

Jessica:  How did you learn about the power of frequency? 

Ellcee: I think the most influential evidence I found was by Dr. Emoto, the researcher behind The Secret Of Water, who showed the science behind the power of thought and frequency, and how it changes the molecular structure of water, and thus, the molecular structure of our bodies, as we are nearly 80% water.

Jessica:  I understand you do quite a bit in terms of giving back to the community. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Ellcee:  Because our target is serious illness, we come into contact with many people who aren’t able to purchase our highest strengths, so we donate to them with exchange of a testimonial, if they are comfortable sharing their story. Testimonials are a very powerful way to share your story, which we find to be an impactful tool for those still unsure of the benefits of Regeneration CBD.

Jessica:  Joseph, I understand you have a book as well? 

Joseph:  I do! Joseph De La Cruz’ Book: Paths To Pachamama, Facebook: @paths.pachamama Insta:

Jessica:  Where can we find Regeneration CBD? 

Ellcee: You can find Regeneration CBD at, on Facebook at @regenerationcbd or Insta: @regenerationcbd 

Jessica:  And where can we find you both?

Joseph:  You can find me on Insta: @delacruj or email me at 

Ellcee:  If you would like to contact me, Ellcee Love, email me at, or on Insta: @ellceelove

Jessica:  I’d like to take a moment to thank you both for taking the time to share with us! I love what you are doing with your product and, and for the community. Best of luck in all of your ventures. I have a strong feeling we will be seeing a lot more of you.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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Backdoor Marketing w/ Jessica

Welcome to Back Door Marketing with Jessica



Dearest Marijuana Aficionados,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Serrano, and I’m the Growth Strategist for NUGL, but you can think of me as your go-to guru for something I like to call “Back Door Marketing.” With nearly 15 years in the industry, I’ve learned that what matters most is an access point. So what is an access point, you ask? Access points are the doors we walk through to introduce ourselves to new customers and clients. Now let’s pretend 1,000 people are all standing at the front door of a business, knocking at the same time. In this scenario, nothing is seperating you from your competition. The business is now overwhelmed and may not even want to open the door. Introducing: “Back Door Marketing.”

Back Door Marketing focuses on new, innovative, fresh, unique ways to be seen and heard. We can all implement clickbait, email marketing flyers, banner ads, etc.; which are all well and good and should not be abandoned, as there is nothing better than a good promotional product such as those sold at Branded Brolley (branded umbrella suppliers UK) …BUT… forward-thinking, laser-focused, fresh ideas are the key to being noticed. It is the collation of the old with the new that creates a strong, well-known brand.

So I invite you, my friends, to think outside of the box. What do your customers truly value? Where is their attention most focused in their leisure time? What message do you as a business want to convey? I’ll be here every week with new tips and strategies to keep you motivated and moving upward and onward. Let’s embark on this journey together, and set sails on fresh winds, to grow and thrive.

For personalized strategy plans, you can contact me at

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