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Why Blue Dream Has Become a Legendary Strain

Find out why this strain with deep California roots has become legendary.



It’s a cross between “Blueberry” and “Haze” strains, and it is sometimes also called “Azure Haze. Some people think it must be a dream. There’s a minimal history about this strain, to be honest. When it was initially created, the records were erased so that people wouldn’t know where it came from or how it was created.

This alone accounts for some of the allure of Blue Dream. The medical community quickly fell in love with the mysterious, dreamy strain that leaves you feeling a cerebral high while still coming through with fantastic flavor. Check Otheremedies for more information on cannabis strains. There’s no compromise with a Blue Dream buzz.

Blue Dream Factoids

? No one knows where it was created precisely.

? People speculate it came from Santa Cruz, but that could have been a dream?

? It’s THC-rich with a range of 17% – 24% THC in every dose.

? CBN levels can be as high as 1%

? CBD levels can reach as high as 2%

? It honestly tastes like sweet blueberries.

? The first effect is a cerebral rush that is helpful when you’re focused on a project and initially gives you a rush of energy.

? As the high peaks, you feel relaxed, calm, and in a state of extreme ‘chillaxation’ that will have you feeling no pain at all.

? This strain is not recommended if you have anxiety because of the initial impact. It could make anxiety worse before it gets better.

? It’s actually a stimulant.

? It can help with depression and lack of appetite.

? It works great for muscle spasms.

? If you suffer from pain due to an old injury, this strain will tackle it.

? Are you feeling sick? This strain is also quite capable of helping you to feel better.

? It’s an easy-to-grow choice for those who are new to growing.

? Indoor plants will flower in about 10-weeks.

? Blue Dream will yield approximately 21 ounces of bud per plant.

? Are you suffering from an artist’s block? Need some help with your creative mind? Blue Dream will have you dreaming up a storm of things that get your juices flowing.

? Feeling overly worried and bummed over bills right now? This is the strain that will have you relaxed and calm in no time.

? The terpene profile is peppery pine and mostly herbal.

? It’s Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis.

? 59% of people report feeling happy after using the Blue Dream.

? People report feeling “free and loving” in the hippie style.

? It has been called “the Bayer aspirin of bud” that should be in every stoner’s medicine cabinet.

? Descendants of Blue Dream include Pine Queen Dream and DJ Andy Williams.

? It is most popular and easily located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Seattle loves the Blue Dream.

? If you are down, it’s a very quick pick me up.

? Conditions most helped by a Blue Dream include anxiety, autism, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic diseases, depression, headaches, inflammation, nausea, PTSD, and stress.

? It smells like an earthy, sweet, fruity vanilla.

? It tastes like a fruity, blueberry, vanilla sort of berry.

? Some people say that it smells like blueberry pie and that the flavor stays on their tongue long after smoking it.

? It doesn’t cause the munchies as bad as some other strains can. Some people report having none at all.

? If you suffer from cluster headaches, this is the best strain for you.

? It’s been said to outlast other strains for the money because the high is longer-lasting. You will not go through this as fast as different strains.

? It is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

? There are approximately four different strains of Blue Dream, depending on the state and the grower from which your strain comes from.

? Blue Dream will thrive in an indoor hydroponic garden.

? Tests show that Blue Dream very commonly has more than 25% THC.

? This is considered “top-shelf” weed at most dispensaries.

No matter who you are, chances are that you’ll benefit from Blue Dream. It’s got an excellent taste for those who don’t particularly care for the more woody-toned flavored strains that are high in pine. This one tastes sweet and is known for leaving that sweet flavor in your mouth for long after use.

The only people who may not wish to use this strain are people who already suffer from high anxiety because the head rush that hits you first will be one of high alertness and deep focus, before the relaxation phase that kicks in later. This could cause anxiety to spike first and be counterintuitive.

You’ll find this strain harder to find on the East Coast and across the Midwest regions. The PNW has an abundance of this brand, and you’ll be able to find it in dispensaries with ease in those states. 

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