Zen in the City

    In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s NoMad Neighborhood is a quiet sanctuary, a place to recharge and re-center with luxurious CBD and plant based products, tea, meditation and rooftop yoga. Standard Dose was founded by Anthony Saniger, a passionate entrepreneur who wanted to create a space for the community that focused on wellness through luxurious, plant based products, specifically, CBD, and education.


    The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill sparked a rapid growth in the beauty and wellness Industries, with CBD at the center. Although CBD is a lot more accessible than it has been, the legalization has also brought with it, low grade or impure ingredients; so, one of the many questions on the street is: How do I know I’m getting a top quality product?

    The answer to that question lies in the sacred space of Standard Dose. In addition to creating a space where one can walk in and take a meditation break from their long and grueling work day, Standard Dose is a place that educates customers on CBD products and ingredients for optimal wellness. Some of the most common questions associated with CBD products are “Is this going to get me high?”, “how can I tell if its working?”, “Is this a good quality form of CBD”, “What’s this going to do for me?” etc. With all of the ambiguity that surrounds CBD, Saniger wanted to create a space where people could be invited in and not only trust the products, but be educated about what they are doing for them and how the array of ingredients are going to help ailments, anxieties and overall well-being.

    The Standard Dose Manhattan store is a 3 story building that houses 20+ CBD brands that carry plant based, ingestible and topical products. From their CBD infused tea (which is delicious) to their beautiful and luxurious face serums/oils, all products undergo third party testing and a 3-step vetting process to ensure everything is top quality, pure and safe before hitting the shelves. Some of the items we tested (Vlog on products to come soon) were Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum, Corpus natural deodorant, Vertly peppermint CBD lip balm, and Mineral’s Maison for Recovery Body Balm. All of the products were beautiful upon application and a huge treat for the skin. Instantly sinking in, they helped create a very lux and calming atmosphere, great to do before bedtime!


    Standard Dose’s brick and mortar store is a blanket of calm in the chaos of New York City. The walls wrap you up in pastel pink and cream hues and you are engulfed in the most decadent scent (which they are putting in new products, soon to launch). In the middle of the store, there are large pink crystals/rocks in which most of their products sit. It is a great place to chat with one of their awesome and knowledgeable employees, and test some of the elixirs and serums. Further back is their meditation room decorated with palms, meditation pillows, and an incredible skylight that is equipped with a warm light that shines down on the space. The light mimics the effects of sunlight, creating a warm, peaceful atmosphere and always sunny day. Close to the Meditation area is their tea bar where you can enjoy a cup of hot tea before, after, or during your meditation. The delicious teas by Reset have a tea for Mornings, sleep, yoga, healing, balance and immunity and are all hemp infused. An amazing-and very rare-part of the meditation and tea bar is that everything is FREE! Anybody is welcomed in to take a break from their day and recharge their internal batteries with tea and meditation at no charge at all. On the third floor is a stunning rooftop where they host daily yoga classes. For the class schedule and to save yourself a spot, you can go to their website to sign up- Standard Dose is truly a wellness haven that encourages you to take a time out and re-center and realign.


    When I visitied Standard Dose, I immediately felt a wave of calm wash over me. Being from Southern California, I was starting to feel quite overwhelmed from working and staying in the high frequency of New York City. Standard Dose was quiet and peaceful and I wanted to drown in the heavenly scent. I was greeted by a wonderful girl who let me take my time soaking everything in and was there to offer me a small tour and cup of tea when I was ready. I sat down in the meditation room, under the warm “sunlight”, sipped my CBD infused, balance tea and chatted about the products. Standard Dose was an experience, it was more than going in to shop and buying products, it truly lowered my frequency and energized me. I felt new. Anthony Saniger’s passion for wellness and clean beauty really shined through all aspects of Standard Dose and created a one-of-a-kind experience that was unlike anything else.

    For those who are not in New York, Standard Dose has an online shop with someone available to chat, providing you the same education and knowledge that they offer in store. The website also has a blog where you can browse posts on plant based beauty, CBD, wellness, and more. We are so excited that there is a shop that focuses on wellness and integrity of products and can’t wait for all of the exciting Standard Dose things to come!


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